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  • What are the benefits of the OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Mastercard?

    You will earn rebates on purchases validly charged to your OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Mastercard as shown in Table 1 below:

    Table 1

    Rebate Transactions for Rebate Calculation


    (capped at RM100 per calendar year, per Principal card)

    Great Eastern Insurance Premium payments only

    Other Retail Spending

    (excludes Great Eastern Insurance Premiums)

    You will also enjoy merchant offers from OCBC and Great Eastern's Live Great Privileges.

  • Is there a maximum rebate limit applicable to the OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Mastercard?

    The 2.5% rebate on Great Eastern Insurance Premiums payments ("Great Eastern Insurance") is capped at RM100 per calendar year, per Principal and Supplementary card. there is no maximum rebate limit to the 0.1% rebate on Other Retail Spending.

    With an annual premium of just RM4,000 you will already earn RM100 cashback. As for the 0.1% rebate on Other Retail Spending, it is unlimited.

  • What constitutes Great Eastern Insurance Premium payments and Other Retail Spending?

    As stated in clause 3(a) of the Terms and Conditions of the OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Mastercard:

    1. "Great Eastern Insurance Premium payments" means the amount of Great Eastern insurance premium payment(s) ("Great Eastern Insurance") that is validly charged to your OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Mastercard Card for the month. This excludes any transaction reversal, transaction dispute, transaction fraudulence or Automatic Instalment Payment Plan relating to Great Eastern Insurance;
    2. "Other Retail Spending" means the amount of the Cardmember's retail spending which is validly charged to the OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Card for the month. Table 2 below sets out the transactions which form part of retail spending and transactions which do not; and excludes any Great Eastern Insurance:

    Table 2

    Retail Spending*

    (Transaction Below Are Included For Cashback Calculation)

    Non-Retail Spending

    (Transaction Below Are Excluded For Cashback Calculation)

    1. Local and overseas/foreign currency purchase
    2. Auto Debit / Recurring
    3. Online Purchases / e-wallet / E-Commerce
    4. Instalment Payment Plan (IPP)
    5. Mail Order / Telephone Order
    1. Easy Payment Plan (EPP)
    2. Balance Transfer (BT)
    3. Call for Cash (CFC)
    4. Power Credit Cash Plus
    5. Outstanding Balance
    6. Auto Balance Conversion
    7. Cash Advance
    8. Finance Charge
    9. Annual Fee
    10. Late Payment Charge
    11. Reversal on Transaction
    12. Disputed Transaction
    13. Fraudulent Transaction
    14. Card Replacement Fee
    15. Service Tax
    16. Other Fees and Charges
    17. Donations to Charitable and Social Service Organisations
    18. Government - related payments
    19. Jompay, FPX and Duitnow QR transactions
    20. Any transactions made in the United Kingdom, or in the country which is a member of the European Economic Community (EEC) or European Union (EU) including Aland Islands, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Saint Martin, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

    *Exclude transactions in countries specified in items (20) under Non-Retail Spending (including online/e-commerce transactions made to merchants tagged to the aforementioned countries)

  • Will my supplementary Card enjoy the same benefits as I do?

    Yes. Supplementary Cardmembers will also enjoy the same benefits as Principal Cardmembers. The Supplementary Cardmember's spending will be cumulated with the Principal Cardmember's spending for rebate calculation, and rebates reflected in the billing statements of the Principal Cardmember's OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Card account.
  • When will I get my rebate?

    The rebate is accumulated based on your monthly billing cycle and will be credited into your Credit Card account on the last day of your billing cycle.
  • Is there any annual fee for the OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Card?

    No. There is no annual fee for Principal and Supplementary OCBC Great Eastern Platinum Card.
  • I am keen to pay my Great Eastern insurance premiums via instalments. Are there other instalment programmes available?

    OCBC Bank has an Easy Payment Plan programme ("EPP") available for all OCBC Credit Cardmembers with an instalment tenure of up to 20 months that comes with a one-time handling fee of up to 7%. Please refer to Table 3 below:

    Table 3

    EPP Tenure One-time Handling Fee (Non-Refundable)
    5 Months 4%
    10 Months 6%
    20 Months 7%

    You can apply for the EPP via OCBC Bank's Internet Banking service or contact the OCBC Contact Centre at 03-8317 5000. Visit for more information and Terms and Conditions of the EPP programme.

  • How do I activate my card?

    View the steps to activate your card here.