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Frequently asked questions
  • What is OCBC Kill Switch?

    OCBC Kill Switch enables you to immediately block your current, savings, fixed deposit, loan accounts, and cards if you suspect you are a victim of a scam or if you believe your important account-related details have been compromised.

    Once the Kill Switch is activated, no outgoing transactions – whether they are done digitally, via an ATM or at branches – can be made. Even recurring or pre-arranged fund transfers will be disabled.

  • How it works

    The OCBC Kill Switch disables all the following:

    • Cash withdrawals
    • Local and overseas fund transfers
    • Bill payments
    • Transactions using Credit/ Debit cards physically and digitally
    • All digital banking access and transactions

    Our Customer Service Executive will help you block access to your compromised bank account or cards, and issue new cards. Our Customer Service Executive will also record your scam report. Only our branch staff or Customer Service Executive can deactivate the Kill Switch, and this will only be carried out after receiving verified instructions from you. Once the Kill Switch is deactivated, your account will return to normal and all prior settings – including GIRO arrangements and future-dated fund transfers – will be reinstated.

  • Step-by-step guide to activate OCBC Kill Switch via OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app

    1. Tap on “Kill Switch” on the OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app login screen.
    2. Tap “Suspend” to continue.
    3. Tap “Confirm” to proceed with the verification.
    4. Key in your identification number and your Debit/ Credit card number, and then tap “Authenticate”.
    5. Kill Switch is successfully activated.