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    3D Secure - the latest technology in online payment authentication by MasterCard and Visa.

    With OCBC Credit Cards, online shopping and payment have become more accessible to everyone and very much a part of today's lifestyle. To safeguard your online transactions for your peace of mind, we now bring you added security with 3D Secure (or Three Domain Secure). It's the payment industry's internet authentication feature developed for the protection against online fraud.

    Many have signed up for it and are now enjoying secure and hassle-free online payments. If you haven't, do sign up now.

    It's easy. It's free. Log on to to sign up.

    Sign up in 5 simple steps

    1. Visit OCBC Internet Banking website at:
    2. At the OCBC Internet Banking page, select "Sign Up" to register
    3. Key in your Credit Card or OCBC ATM Card number (10 or 16 digits) and its 6-digit PIN and click "Submit"
    4. Key in your preferred Login ID and Password. Check on the box next to TERMS & CONDITIONS and click "Submit" Security Tips
    5. Login ID and Password are case-sensitive. For prevention, please use combination of upper and lower case characters. Choose a Password that contains both numeric and alphabetic characters represented in both upper and lower cases; and avoid using date of birth, pet's name or common names. The minimum password length is 6 characters. Example of a good password: g00dpA55w0rD, mYp4s5w0Rd
    6. To select your preferred 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) token, just follow the instructions provided onscreen and complete your OCBC Internet Banking registration.

    2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

    2FA is an added security feature of OCBC Internet Banking. It is a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP). The OTP is required each time you perform a high-risk transaction like funds transfer to an unregistered third party or a bill payment. OCBC Bank currently offers 2 methods of receiving the OTP. You may opt to have a small hardware device that generates the OTP when you input a request, or alternatively, have the OTP sent to you via SMS on your mobile phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I opt out of 3D Secure checks?

    Unfortunately, no. As a safeguard against the risk of fraud with stolen card details, from 16 August 2010, all online transactions at Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode merchants with OCBC Credit Cards will be checked for 3D Secure.

    Will it add extra time on to the customer checkout experience?

    The 3D Secure authentication process is smoothly integrated into the checkout process and will usually only add a few seconds to the normal transaction time. A small price to pay for increased protection for both the merchant and cardholder.

    What is 3D Secure?

    3D Secure is a service facilitated by Visa and MasterCard known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code respectively. It lets you transact online securely using your credit card. This service is only available at 3D Secure merchant sites where an additional password protection is required to authenticate the customer during a purchase via the Internet.

    How do I register for 3D secure?

    For holders of OCBC Credit Card issued in Malaysia, you are required to register for Internet Banking account and select your preferred 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) token. The selected 2FA token will generate the One Time Password (OTP) during the online transactions at 3D Secure merchant websites. The token options are:

    1. Hardware Token
    2. Short Messaging Service (SMS)
    3. Mobile Token (coming soon)

    Will I be charged for 3D Secure?

    Currently there is no service charge for this service.

    After I have registered, how long does it take for 3D Secure to be effective for my card?

    If you have selected the SMS or Mobile token options, you will be able perform online transactions at 3D Secure merchant websites immediately after successful registration. Users of hardware token will have to wait for their token to be delivered within 5 business days.

    Do I have to register for all my cards separately?

    You only need to register once for cards registered under your name. Supplementary card holders are required to register separately.

    If I have registered for 3D Secure, is it necessary to register my renewed/replacement cards in the future?

    No, all new cards i.e. replacements, renewals will remain registered.

    What is the One Time Password (OTP) validity period?

    Each One Time Password is valid for only 10 minutes.

    I have registered, but when I did a credit card internet transaction recently it didn't ask me for my password.

    If the merchant is not on 3D Secure site, you will not be asked for your One Time Password. The 3D Secure password will only be asked for transactions at 3D secure merchant sites.

    How would I know if the merchant is a 3D Secure site?

    Look out for Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode logo(s) at the merchant website.

    How many cards can I register with 3D Secure?

    There is no limit. Once you have registered for OCBC Internet Banking and select your preferred 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) token, all your MasterCard & Visa Cards will automatically be registered.

    I do not have my Credit Card PIN to register for Internet Banking. How can I get a new PIN?

    Kindly contact our Customer Service Executives at +603-8317 5000 to request for your new PIN or visit any OCBC branch closest to you.

    If I am already a registered OCBC Internet Banking user, how do I register for 3D Secure?

    As a registered Internet Banking user, if you have opted for the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) method, all your MasterCard & Visa cards registered under that account will automatically be registered.