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Frequently asked questions
  • What is OCBC OneToken?

    OCBC OneToken is a digital token installed in your mobile phone to replace your SMS OTP for all Internet and Mobile Banking (Online Banking) services. This function is only available in the OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.
  • What are the benefits of using OneToken?

    Your banking needs in one device. The OCBC OneToken can be accessed anywhere you go, without the hassle of additional devices.

    OCBC OneToken can only be registered to one device at a time. Only OTPs generated on your registered device can authorise your transactions.

    OneToken integrates seamlessly with the OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app. You can easily authenticate your transactions with just a few taps on your mobile device.

  • How to activate OneToken?

    1. Launch your OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.
    2. Key in your Login ID.
    3. Confirm your security image and phrase.
    4. Key in your Password.
    5. Tap on 'Activate' when prompted to set up OCBC OneToken and confirm your mobile number.
    6. Expect a call from us within 48 hours from your activation request as your OCBC OneToken now requires further confirmation by our bank. Or you may visit our branch for assistance.

    Note: For better security of your accounts, you can only log in to OCBC Online Banking after 12 hours from the successful activation of your OneToken.

    For more details, please refer to the OCBC OneToken page.

  • How do I access OCBC OneToken?

    1. Launch OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app.
    2. Tap on the 'OneToken' icon on the login screen.
    3. For Transactions of less than RM10,000, select 'One Time Password' for 6-digit OTP.
    4. For Transactions of RM10,000 and above, select 'Challenge Code' to retrieve your 6-digit OTP and proceed with the transaction.
  • If I do not wish to opt in for OCBC OneToken and would like to remain on SMS OTP, can I still perform my online banking activities?

    No, you are required to activate OCBC OneToken to perform your online banking activities.
  • How many devices can I activate my OCBC OneToken on?

    For the security of your accounts, you can only activate OCBC OneToken on ONE phone at a time.
  • What happens to my OCBC OneToken if I change/lose my phone?

    Your OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app is still secure and accessible only with your Login ID and password.

    1. Just download the OCBC Malaysia Mobile Banking app on your new mobile phone.
    2. Log in using your Login ID and Password and register for OCBC OneToken using your new device.
    3. Once this is done, the OCBC OneToken will be automatically disabled on your old mobile phone.