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ATMs - Frequently asked questions

  • Bills Payment via JomPAY

    Bills payment transactions via JomPAY are subjected to JomPAY Standard Payor Term issued by MyClear. Please visit the following link for the full text of the JomPAY Standard Payor Terms here.
  • Overseas Cash Withdrawal Restriction

    Effective 20 Dec 2015, you wont be able to use your ATM and Debit cards for cash withdrawals at overseas ATMs unless you activate your card for overseas ATM withdrawal via

    1. ATM
      1. Select More Services > Overseas Withdrawal Facility > Activate Overseas Withdrawal
      2. Indicate activation start date and an end date, then confirm.
    2. OCBC Online Banking
      1. Login with your OCBC Online Banking Access Code and PIN.
      2. Tap on "Customer services"> Cards "Overseas card use".
      3. Under the ATM/Debit Cards column, check the box for the relevant card(s)
      4. Indicate activation start date and an end date.
      5. Key in the OTP.
    3. Call our Contact Centre at +603 8317 5000
    4. Visit any of our OCBC branches

      You may activate or deactivate your card any time. For your information, the overseas cash withdrawal restriction is part of Bank Negara Malaysia and banks' continual effort to safeguard your funds by enhancing the security features of your card.

      Please be reminded that the overseas ATM cash withdrawal feature linked to your current or saving account will be deactivated by default unless you give explicit instructions for us to activate this feature.

  • Retained Debit Card

    Please call our Contact Centre at +603 8317 5000. Your card may be damaged or you could have exceeded the number of tries for the correct PIN.
  • Lost / Stolen Debit Card

    You can use OCBC Internet banking (Customer services > Cards (Report lost of Debit Card) or call our Contact Centre at +603 8317 5000 to block your card.
  • Withdrawal limit

    The limit for local and overseas cash withdrawal is RM300, RM1,000, RM2000, RM3,000, or RM5,000 per day depending on the daily limit you have signed up for. You may customized your withdrawal limit through ATM, Internet Banking or at any OCBC Branch.
  • Deposit notes at Cash Deposit Machine

    • Deposit up to 100 notes in denominations of RM10, RM20, RM50 and RM100.
    • A maximum of 5 deposits to the same account can be made within the same day.
    • For deposits performed after 9.45pm, it will be reflected in your statement as a transaction on the following business day, but your funds are available for use immediately.
  • Deposit are not reflected in account

    Please call +603 8317 5000 for assistance.
  • No response on machine

    Please call +603 8317 5000 for assistance.
  • Security tips on using ATMs

    Dos & don'ts on PIN management

    • Do not choose a PIN that others can easily guess (e.g. birth date or telephone number).
    • Do not use sequential numbers (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6...)
    • Do memorise your PIN and do not write it down.
    • Do not share your PIN with another person because it is the same as giving that individual authority to use your name in a transaction.
    • Do not reveal your PIN to anyone. It should not be disclosed even if requested by an authorised OCBC Bank officer.
    • Do change your PIN frequently.

    Security tips when performing your ATM / CDM transactions

    • Before you approach the ATM / CDM, look around the area. If anything seems suspicious, go to a different ATM / CDM or use it at another time.
    • Block the pin pad when you are entering your private PIN.
    • When you have completed your transaction, put away your card, receipt and cash immediately. Look around again to check for anyone who looks suspicious.
    • If you have concerns about the security of an ATM / CDM location, please contact us at +603 8317 5000 or send an email to
    • WARNING: All claims will be investigated and if found to be false, will be rejected. If payment had been made on the claim, it must be refunded to the Bank. All expenses incurred in the investigation and in recovering the payment will be borne by the maker of the false claim. Police report will be lodged against all false claims.
  • Fees and charges for ATM usage

    • OCBC ATMs in Singapore: No Charge
    • OCBC NISP ATMs in Indonesia: No Charge
    • OCBC Wing Hang ATMs in Hong Kong and Macau: No Charge
    • Via PayNet shared ATM Network (MEPS) Network: RM1.00
    • Via Visa Plus Network: RM12.00
    • Via Mastercard Network: RM10.00

    View fees and charges guide here.