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Get 4.88% per year for 4 months when you firstly deposit RM200,000 and secondly qualify for Wealth Bonus on the first RM200,000 of your balance*. Promotion ends 31 December 2024.

*The Effective Interest/Profit Rate for 4 months is 4.88% per year if you maintain a balance of RM200,000 and qualify for Wealth Bonus for the first RM200,000.

Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

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Receive RM600 for every successful referral to OCBC Premier Banking. Refer your family members and friends today. Promotion ends 31 December 2024. Terms and conditions apply.

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High-net-worth investors

Become an OCBC Premier Private Client

Deposit or invest a minimum of RM3 million or equivalent in foreign currency and qualify as a High-Net-Worth Individual (HNWI) to become an OCBC Premier Private Client.


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PIDM disclosure

This deposit is protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. Learn more

  • Deposit protection is automatic.
  • PIDM protects depositors holding deposits with banks.
  • There is no charge to depositors for deposit insurance protection.
  • Should a bank fail, PIDM will promptly reimburse depositors over their deposits.

For more information, refer to PIDM's DIS Brochures that are available at our counters or go to the website at