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  • Calculate your loan amount and repayment

    You can use online calculator to calculate your loan amount (how much you can borrow if you were to pay a fixed repayment amount) and your loan repayment (how much is the repayment if you were to borrow a certain loan amount).

    Online calculator

  • Payment channels for Home Loan

    Here are the payment methods available using our OCBC service channels.

    Service Channels / Payment Types

    Branch Counters*

    Cheque Deposit Machines*

    ATM / Cash Deposit Machines

    Phone Banking / Call Center

    IBG from Other Banks

    Internet Banking

    Mobile Banking

    Standing Instruction

    Monthly Loan / Financing Payment** (Instalment / Rental Payment)

    • Principal
    • Interest / Profit

    Capital Payment***
    Early Settlement****
    Fees / Charges
    Late / Compensation Charges

    These service channels are available for the respective payment types.

    These service channels are not available for the respective payment types.


    * To indicate clearly the payment type on the pay-in-slip (for payment over branch counters) and at the back of the cheque (for payment through Cheque Deposit Machines). Please select to key in the correct payment type option when using the Cheque Deposit Machines.

    ** Any payment received in your account will be used to deduct any outstanding billed amount and thereafter, the remaining balance will be treated as advance payment.

    *** Any capital payment received in your account will be used to deduct the outstanding principal amount and this does not affect your monthly instalment.

    **** For early settlement/redemption of the loan/financing, please write in for an official redemption statement from the Bank to determine the updated outstanding amount before making any payment.