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Starting a family is an exciting adventure, and like all adventures, it is best to be prepared.

The start of this next phase in life often necessitates a mindset shift. Among the many adjustments you will make is to change the way you manage your finances, that is, to save more, spend less, and start investing.

These changes may be negligible at first, but it is important to move ahead well prepared as they tend to snowball and end up having a far greater impact on your quality of life than you might have first expected. This is particularly relevant for the novice investor, for whom it is vital to be equipped with the knowledge and skills on how best to manage a chosen portfolio. Being prepared for any eventuality is key to safeguarding your loved ones' safety and security as well.

It is no surprise that early retirement is on many people's wish list, with a broad goal of reaching financial independence as soon as possible.

Most people envision a future where they are free to explore personal passions instead of being tied down to a 9-5 job.

But other priorities tend to take precedence at the height of your career, such as providing the best education for the children and making sure loved ones has the better things in life. While most people still rely on saving aggressively as their primary financial independence strategy, there are other ways to get the best of both worlds. Early retirement does not need to be a daydream-if you plan carefully today.

Wanting the best for yourself and your loved ones is most people's aspiration; be it to give your children the best education, or to retire in comfort without having to worry about your finances.

While these might seem to be some way off, the sooner you start planning, the more prepared you will be, and the easier it will get, especially on unforeseen rainy days.

Working these long years have undoubtedly contributed to hard-earned savings. Though retirement is a familiar notion, the concept of a sustainable retirement may seem foreign and sometimes difficult to achieve. It is never too late to start, and the first step means figuring out a diversified approach to supplementing your savings today.

Building healthy habits are key to mastering your financess. Get on the path towards a comfortable future, no matter your choice, or the size of your paycheck.

Source: RinggitPlus Malaysia Financial Literacy Survey 2022.

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