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Payments and Transactions - Financial Process Exchange (FPX)

  • What is FPX?

    FPX is a payment channel that allow you to make real-time online payment through your current or savings account. OCBC Bank (M) Bhd is one of the FPX participating Banks and you will be able to make online payments from participating merchants' websites/apps via OCBC Online Banking.
  • How do I perform FPX via OCBC Online Banking?

    You can perform FPX following the steps below:

    1. Select "FPX" or "Online Banking" as your payment option at your selected merchant website.
    2. Choose "OCBC Bank" and you will be directed to the OCBC Online Banking login page.
    3. Key in your Login ID and Password*, select the debiting account, preview and click on the "Submit" button to confirm the transaction.
    4. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive separate notifications from the merchant, OCBC Bank and FPX.
    *Only key in your Login Password after you have verified your security image and phrase. For more details, please refer to FPX page.
  • How can I identify a merchant that accepts payment via FPX?

    The FPX logo or FPX wordmark will be displayed at payment options on the merchant website/app.

  • What is the transaction limit for FPX?

    1. Minimum limit: RM1.00 (per transaction).
    2. Maximum limit:
      Individual banking account: RM10,000.00 per transaction.
      Corporate banking account: RM1,000,000.00 per transaction.
  • How much is the service charge for FPX via OCBC Online Banking?

    The service charge imposed for this service varies according to the type of service and merchant selected by customers.
  • Is there any cut-off time for the FPX service?

    No, you can perform transactions via FPX at any time via channels below:

    • Internet Banking (24 hours)
    • Mobile Banking (24 hours)
    Transactions performed after 9.45pm will be reflected in your statement as the next day's transaction.

  • What should I do if my FPX transaction via OCBC Online Banking is unsuccessful?

    Kindly contact OCBC Bank (M) Bhd at +603-8317 5000 for assistance.
  • What can I do if I want to know more about FPX services?

    Visit to find out more about FPX services.
  • How can I check the authenticity of the FPX Banking URL if I am unable to view the FPX OCBC URL in the Merchant's Application? (e.g. Shopee)

    Merchant Application(s) are owned and managed by respective merchant(s). At the moment, the availability of URL being displayed is dependent on the merchant.