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We succeed when our customers do. Whether that's creating a new product or developing a greener business strategy, our awards celebrate excellence, achievement and innovation in small businesses.

Beware of Fraud & Scams

Beware of Fraud & Scams

The best way to protect yourself against fraud and scam is to first know how it works.

Libor Contracts

LIBOR Contracts Cessation

Global issuance of new LIBOR contracts cessation on 31 December 2021.


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Stay informed and on top of your investments with real-time updates on MYR, foreign currency interest or profit rates and foreign exchange rates

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Have you been facing problems with your personal financing application? Reach out to MyKNP to get tips and advice on how to improve your eligibility for financing in the future.

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Are you ready to grow your business? Find articles and guides to help you understand and identify suitable financing options for your business.

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Stay on top of your business with OCBC Velocity on the OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app. Access our Digital Business Banking features and tools to manage your business at your convenience.

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