PIN and Pay
The industry-wide move to replace the use of signatures with PINs for credit cards started in mid-2015. These signature-based credit cards will gradually be phased out. With your new upgraded PIN-based credit card (PIN & Pay Cards) all you need to do is enter your PIN instead of signing a transaction receipt when paying at a point-of-sale terminal in Malaysia.
From 1 July 2017 onwards, signatures will no longer be accepted when you use your card to make a payment in Malaysia.
What is PIN?
A PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is a secret number used by cardholders to prove they are the genuine owners of their payment cards. PINs for Malaysian cards have six digits. Your PIN must always be kept secret and never written down.

What does a PIN & Pay card look like?
Your PIN & Pay card will look exactly the same as before. There may be occasions when your PIN transaction cannot be processed and you will be asked to sign. In such a case, your signature must be the same as that on the strip at the back of the card.

What is so special about my new PIN protected card/account?
Your PIN & Pay card will have a new type of microchip that is PIN protected. This means you will need to remember your PIN.
Why is a PIN safer than signing?
PIN usage can help protect against fraud when cards are lost or stolen, as the PIN is needed when making a payment. This is why you must always keep your PIN secret.
  1. Activate your card immediately via Internet Banking.
  2. After card activation, visit an OCBC branch or OCBC ATM to change the temporary PIN to your own unique 6-digit PIN.
Please activate your card within 90 days to avoid service interruption.
When and how do I get a PIN?
You will be sent a 6-digit PIN via a PIN Mailer shortly after receiving your new PIN & Pay card. From there, you need to go to any OCBC ATM and change the PIN to another 6-digit number of your choice. If you do not receive the PIN Mailer within 14 days of receiving your card, please contact us at 03–8317 5000. Or you may visit any OCBC Bank branch to obtain a PIN.

Step 1: Get a number from the Branch e-ticketing system to see the Teller
Step 2: Inform the Teller you would like to choose a new PIN code for your PIN & Pay Card
Step 3: Enter your new 6-digit PIN in the PIN Pad
Step 1: Insert your PIN & Pay Card into an OCBC ATM
Step 2: Please read through the Cash Advance & Finance Charge Fees. Once you understand the fee structure, select "Continue"
Step 3: Enter your current PIN
Step 4: Select "More Services"
Step 5: Select "PIN Change"
Step 6: Key in your current PIN
Step 7: Key in your new 6-digit PIN
Step 8: Key in your new PIN again for confirmation

After performing the 1st PIN change, can I still change my PIN?
Yes. You may change your PIN at any OCBC Bank or OCBC Al-Amin branch as well as any OCBC ATM. Contact us or visit any of our branches for any enquiries or assistance.

I have received a renewed PIN-based credit card. Can I continue using my signature-based credit card after receiving my PIN- based card?
No. Transactions with your signature-based credit card will be declined at the expiry date of the credit card, or when you have activated your new PIN-based credit card, whichever is earlier.

Is the PIN I use for making purchases the same as the PIN used at ATMs?
Yes. Each PIN & Pay card will have only one PIN that can be used for both cash withdrawals at ATMs and purchases at point-of-sale.

What happens if I enter the wrong PIN at an OCBC ATM?
You will be allowed three attempts before your PIN & Pay card is retained. You will have to contact us to get a replacement card if your PIN & Pay Card is being retained. This aims to protect you against the possibility of an unauthorised person using your card.
What happens if I enter the wrong PIN while completing a retail transaction?
Up to 30 June 2017, you may still perform a PIN Bypass – where you sign to complete the transaction should you enter the wrong PIN. For transactions after 30 June 2017, you will need to key in the correct PIN as there will be no more PIN Bypass. Your card will not be blocked should you enter the wrong PIN.

What happens if I forget my PIN?
Up to 30 June 2017, signatures will still be allowed when using your new PIN & Pay card if you cannot remember your PIN while transacting at an attended terminal. The retailer can assist you to complete your transaction using your signature.

After 30 June 2017, you will no longer be allowed to use your signature-based card at a point-of-sale terminal in Malaysia if you do not know your PIN. If you forget your PIN, contact us or visit any OCBC Bank branch to get a new PIN.

How will I know when a PIN is required?
All you need to do is follow the instructions on the terminal. The point-of-sale terminal will ask you to key in your PIN if needed. Transactions at terminals that do not support PINs will still be signature-based until 30 June 2017.

What happens if I use my new PIN & Pay card at a terminal not supporting PIN?
In this case, the terminal will process your PIN & Pay card without prompting you to enter the PIN and you must sign to complete your transaction.

Do I need to enter a PIN whenever I use my card in Malaysia?
No, not all transactions at a point-of-sale need PIN entries. Transactions at terminals that do not require PINs will still be signature-based up until 30 June 2017.

Why do I still need to sign the new PIN & Pay card?
This is for verification purposes when you travel to a country without any PIN & Pay terminals. You will also still be able to use it in Malaysia at non-PIN terminals up to 30 June 2017.
Will PIN be used to make card transactions through the Internet or over the telephone?
No. The PIN that you use at point- of-sale terminals or ATMs must never be entered into the Internet or given over the telephone.
Will I have to enter a PIN when I use my card overseas?
Not all overseas point-of-sale terminals use PINs for payments. Where an overseas terminal does not support PIN, then you will need to sign to approve the payment.

What happens if I forget my PIN at point of sale?
For overseas transactions, PIN bypass is only allowed until 30 June 2017. You will have to use another form of payment, such as cash or another bank’s credit card.

What happens if POS terminal is unable to accept transactions using a 6-digit PIN?
You can choose to bypass your PIN until 30 June 2017. An alternative is to opt for another payment method.

How do I keep my PIN safe?
It is very important that you keep your PIN secret so that you stay protected. Avoid using PINs derived from significant personal dates (e.g. your birthday or anniversary), telephone number, or driver’s license number.
To keep your PIN safe:
  • Do not keep a written record of your PIN;
  • Do not allow another person to see you keying in your PIN during a payment;
  • Do not keep your PIN in a form that can be readily identified as a PIN;
  • Do not disclose your PIN to any other person (including persons in apparent authority, family members or spouse);
  • Be careful not to expose your PIN at all times;
  • Contact us at 03-8317 5000 if you become aware that your PIN has become known to someone else; and
  • Ensure your supplementary cardholders (if any) keep their PINs secure.
Can I register for OCBC Online Banking with my PIN?
Yes. You can use the same PIN number that you use for transacting.

Why is PIN another benefit to Online Banking?
PIN is just one more reason for you to activate Online Banking.
Here are all the reasons:
  • Mobile banking – no more jams and queues. The simple and intuitive mobile banking interface has all the powerful features with none of the physical hassles.
  • Dashboard at a glance – view all your banking relationships in one screen. Monitor and access your accounts at the click of a mouse without toggling between screens.
  • Money In$ights – organise, manage and track your spending with this innovative financial management tool, with features highlighting spending and saving habits.
  • Security – PIN provides personalised protection, together with our latest in firewall and encryption technology. Security is always top-of-mind for us, so you can transact with confidence every time.
What happens when I use my credit or debit card at a self-service pump?
When you use your card at a self-service pump (automated fuel dispenser) at a petrol station, the self-service pump will authorise the fuel transaction before you can start pumping fuel into your vehicle. This is performed by sending a pre-authorisation amount on the payment card to your card issuer.

What is a pre-authorisation amount?
A pre-authorisation amount is a temporary hold of a specific amount from the available balance on the payment card. It is used to verify that the card is active and has sufficient available funds prior to dispensing fuel.

What amount will be pre-authorised on my card when using a self-service pump?
Because the pre-authorisation must happen before the fuel is pumped, the actual amount of fuel pumped is not yet known at the time of the pre-authorisation. The pre-authorisation amount at self-service pumps in Malaysia is set at RM200.

What if the amount of fuel pumped is less than the pre-authorisation amount?
The pre-authorisation amount is not a charge and no funds are debited from the card account; the available balance on the card is only temporarily reduced through the pre-authorisation. Once you have completed pumping the fuel, the actual amount for the fuel dispensed will be sent to your issuing bank. At this point the actual amount will be debited from the card account, and the pre-authorisation amount is cleared. This may take 3–4 business days after the fuel is dispensed and the pre-authorisation generated.

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