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  • Who can apply for Cancer Protector?

    The minimum entry age for a life assured is 30 days attained age and the maximum entry age is 65 years next birthday.
  • How much Basic Sum Assured can I purchase?

    The minimum Basic Sum Assured for this plan is RM50,000 and maximum Basic Sum Assured is RM250,000 per life.
  • How do I pay my premiums?

    You can pay by credit card, banker's order, direct debit or cash. You have the flexibility to pay your premium annually, half-yearly, quarterly, or even monthly, subject to approval by the Company.
  • How much of the premium payment is used to pay commission?

    A male non-smoker life assured at age 30 next birthday with a Basic Sum Assured of RM250,000 and pays annual premium of RM3,600 for 35 years.

    Policy Year Commission borne by policy owner and paid from the premium each year
    Proportion of premium deducted for commission (%) Actual amount (RM)
    1 30.00 1,080.00
    2 20.00 720.00
    3 15.00 540.00
    4 to 10 5.00 180.00
    11 and above 0.00 0.00
    Total 100.00 3,600.00

    This figure includes the amount that OCBC Bank may be entitled to for the duration of your policy provided OCBC Bank meets the performance criteria set by the Company.

  • What are some of the exclusions under the plan?

    1. Death

      Death within one (1) year from the risk commencement date or from the date of any reinstatement of the policy, whichever is later, as a result of suicide, while sane or insane.

    2. Cancer

      The Company will not be liable for any Cancer Benefit or Recovery Benefit under this plan if the early stage cancer, intermediate stage cancer or advanced stage cancer, including any conditions associated with it:

      • has existed prior to the risk commencement date or the date of any reinstatement, whichever is later.
      • has occurred to the life assured for which:

        1. any condition existed or was diagnosed:
          1. during the waiting period of 60 days; or
          2. after the expiry of the waiting period but which is related to a condition which existed or was diagnosed during the waiting period; or
        2. signs and symptoms existed before or during the waiting period which would prompt a reasonable person to seek medical care or attention, though the resulting diagnosis may occur before or after the expiry of the waiting period.

          Such claim will not be admissible only because notification of the said claim was given to the Company after the expiry of the waiting period.

      • was diagnosed due to, directly or indirectly, a congenital defect or disease, which has manifested or was diagnosed before the life assured attains the age of 17 years next birthday.
      • was caused directly or indirectly by the existence of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or by the presence of any Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) infection. The Company reserves the right to require the life assured to undergo a blood test for HIV as a condition precedent to acceptance of any claim. For the purpose of this policy, infection shall be deemed to have occurred where blood or other relevant test(s) indicate in the Company's opinion either the presence of any HIV or antibodies to such a virus.
      • resulting directly from alcohol or drug abuse.

    The exclusions highlighted here are not exhaustive. Full details are available in the policy document.

  • Will I be entitled to tax benefits?

    Benefits received from Cancer Protector are generally non-taxable and premiums paid may qualify for tax relief. However, tax benefits are subject to the Malaysian Income Tax Act 1967, and final decision of the Inland Revenue Board.