Online Banking

Phone Banking

Apply for Phone Banking

At a branch:


  1. You will be given a phone code (either 12 or 7 digits) and a telephone PIN mailer.


Sign up online:

Kindly leave us your details below and we will reach out to you

Phone number must match the number registered with OCBC

Declaration and Agreement


You can then start to access phone banking by calling 03-8317 5000

Change telephone PIN

You may change your Telephone PIN after calling 03-8317 5000 with your Phone Banking Telephone PIN and Phone code.

1. After language selection, Press 1 for Banking and Credit Card services
2. Press 2 for Banking Services
3. Press 6 to change Telephone PIN
4. Enter phone code followed by Telephone PIN
5. Key in new 6-digit PIN

Forgot telephone PIN

You can request for a new telephone PIN at a branch.

Services available

Report Loss of Card

Banking Services

  • Balance enquiry (Savings, Current)
  • Cheque services (cheque status enquiry / stop cheque / cheque book request)
  • Statement request
  • Branch Location
  • Telephone PIN change

Credit Card & Debit Card PIN Selection

Credit Card Services

  • Waiver request
  • Credit card activation
  • Credit card application status enquiry
  • Balance Transfer or Call-for-Cash application
  • Temporary credit limit adjustment
  • Balance enquiry and statement request

Funds Transfer and Bill Payment

  • Fund transfer to own account
  • Payment to OCBC loan or financing
  • Payment to OCBC credit card


  • Foreign exchange rate
  • Foreign currency deposit rate
  • OCBC base lending rate
  • Ringgit Malaysia deposit rate
  • OCBC Al-Amin profit rate

iQ members' services

  • Direct queries to iQ service executives