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Payments - Interbank GIRO

  • Transaction fees

    Channel Transaction fee
    OCBC Velocity RM0.10
    Branch teller counter

    RM0.50 per transaction for the first TWO transactions in each account.

    RM2 per transaction for subsequent transactions in the same month.

  • Maximum Transfer Amount per Day

    Channel Amount
    OCBC Velocity RM1,000,000 per transaction.
    Branch teller counter RM1,000,000 per transaction.

    *The transaction limit is subject to the pre-defined signing limit.

  • Payment Channels

    You may perform any Interbank GIRO Transaction through the following channels:

    • OCBC Velocity
    • Branch teller counter
  • Payment types

    Click here to view our IBG Product Offering and Account Structure.

  • Crediting time and cut-off time

    Click here to view IBG crediting time and cut-off time.

  • Guidance to recipient’s reference & other payment details

    Recipient’s reference (mandatory): This provides guidance on how to understand what appears on the payee’s statement. It can be your invoice or bill number, insurance policy number, car registration number and so forth.

    Other payment details (optional): Describes the purpose of your payment (or other relevant information) to that can help your recipient identify your payment better (e.g. a date for a loan payment, such as "Jan 14 loan payment"). This appears in your payee’s statement.

Help & Support for interbank GIRO payments