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Payments - DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer)

  • What is DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) and how does it differ from DuitNow (Pay to Proxy) and GIRO/RENTAS?

    DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) is a real-time payment service. Similar to GIRO/Rentas, it only requires the beneficiary's account number and bank name in order to send funds to their account. However, for DuitNow (Pay to Proxy), no registration is required by the payer and the beneficiary has to register their proxies (Business Registration Number, NRIC/Passport, Police/Army ID or Mobile Number) with their respective banks.

  • How can I perform a DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) for my company?

    In order to perform a DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) for your company, you will need to key in the beneficiary's bank name and account number via OCBC Velocity (Business Internet Banking Platform) or the OCBC Business Mobile Banking app.

  • Are there any fees charged for making a payment through DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer)?

    Yes, there will be a separate charge for payments through DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer).

    Please refer to Fees & Charges for more details.

  • Are there payment limits for using DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer)?

    There is no minimum limit to the number of payments made via DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer). However, the maximum amount you can transfer is RM10,000,000 per transaction. Please note that each transaction is subject to the authorisation limit set in OCBC Velocity for each entity.

  • What are the cut-off times for DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer)?

    There is no cut-off time for DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer). It is available 24/7, 365 days a year. DuitNow transactions are transferred immediately to the beneficiary accounts.

    Note: Transactions performed after 9:45pm will be reflected on your statement as the next day's transaction date.

  • What should I do if I unintentionally made an incorrect transfer; or my beneficiary did not receive my transferred funds?

    First, please ensure that the correct account number was provided for the instant transfer. Otherwise, do contact the Bank immediately at (603) 8317 5200.

  • Will my payee receive a notification once I have made a DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer)?

    If you have ticked the "Notify Beneficiary" checkbox when performing the payment via OCBC Velocity (Business Internet Banking), your payee will receive a Payment Advice from OCBC Bank upon your DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer).

  • How can I identify payments made via DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) for my business?

    All outgoing payments done via DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) will be reflected on your bank statement with the appropriate descriptions of the DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) as reference.

  • I am a OCBC Corporate customer but do not own a OCBC Velocity account. Can I still make a DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) Payment?

    No, you will not be able to make a DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) payment as this payment type is not available over the counter.

    If you would like to make a DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer), you can get started by completing and submitting the OCBC Velocity Application Form to any of our OCBC Bank Branches nationwide. The OCBC Business Internet Banking platform comes together with the OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app.

  • Can I pay in foreign currency via DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer)?

    No, DuitNow Transfer (Instant Transfer) is only applicable for the local Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) currency only.

  • Why am I unable to view my DuitNow recipients' name?

    As of 28 March 2021, all recipients' names are masked when the payer performs 5 consecutive National Addressing Database (NAD) name enquiries using their DuitNow ID or Account Number but are not followed by a successful transaction. The masking will remain in effect until the next calendar day.

    This is to prevent any misuse of NAD enquiries and to protect the recipient's personal information.

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