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Business Mobile Banking - Features

  • What can I view with the mobile app?

    With OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app, you can:

    • View all business account(s) and Time Deposit account(s) balances
    • View transactional activities of last 180 days or the last 200 transactions of your business account(s)
    • Download your past 12 months e-Statement of your business account(s)
  • What payments / transfers can I make via the mobile app?

    For local payments, you can make internal OCBC transfer, or transfer to other banks via DuitNow, GIRO or RENTAS. You can also pay JomPAY bills and make Overseas Telegraphic transfers through the app.

    You can pay to your favourite payees/ billers that you have created earlier, or make a single adhoc transfer anytime.

  • What is the maximum transaction limit per transaction?

    The transaction limit for your transactions performed on the mobile app is the same as when you submit via OCBC Velocity on the web.

  • What other functions can I perform or use via mobile app other than payment/transfers?

    You can perform the following functions on mobile app:

    • Register/manage your DuitNow ID i.e. you can tie your company's business registration number and/or mobile number (for sole proprietor/single director) to your OCBC account for collections purposes.
    • View & book FX contract if you have any FX contract with OCBC.
  • Can I upload a file through the app?

    You will not be able to upload a file through the app at the moment.

  • Can I make payments/transfers to my favourite payees/billers created in the app and/or on OCBC Velocity?

    Yes, you can make payments to your payees/billers created in the app or OCBC Velocity.
    To add payees/billers:

    Using OCBC Velocity

    • Log in to OCBC Velocity to add payee using "Manage Payers/Payee/Billers" module if you have not done so. The beneficiary/biller list will be reflected as your added payees/biller in the app.

    Using OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app

    • You can add payee/biller at payment/authorisation page by selecting the field "Add as payee" or "Add as Biller". A one-time verification via security token is required for this request. Once verified, the new payee/biller will be added to your Payee/Biller list for subsequent transactions.
  • Can I make payment while I am overseas?

    Yes, you can use the mobile app to make payments while you are overseas. Kindly check with your mobile service provider if there are any data roaming charges incurred.

  • Which type of transactions can I approve via the app?

    You can approve cash and trade transactions, maintenance and administration tasks on the app. These can be transactions or tasks submitted via OCBC Velocity web or initiated from the app.

  • Can I use SMS OTP to approve transactions?

    Yes, you can use SMS OTP to approve transactions of amount up to RM10,000 to your favourite payees created in the app. You would need to use a token for any transactions above this threshold.

    To use SMS-OTP, you must register your mobile phone number with us. If you have not done so, you may update your mobile particulars by selecting "Tools" > "Update Contact Details" within OCBC Velocity.

  • Will SMS OTP work when I am overseas?

    Yes, you can receive SMS OTP in the mobile app while you are in overseas if you have activated International Roaming services with your mobile service provider. Kindly check with your mobile service provider if there are any data roaming charges incurred.

  • How do I check or download the transaction status/ details from the mobile app?

    At "Payment & Transfers" menu, click on "Transaction Status". You can filter either date range, status or transaction type to check your transaction details.

    To share/download transaction details, please tap on that particular transaction and the "Share" button on top right from your mobile screen.

  • What languages are available on the mobile app?

    OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app is available in both English & Mandarin languages. The mobile app language will follow your phone language setting i.e. if your phone language is set to English, English language will be available on the OCBC mobile app.

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