OCBC OneToken

Getting Started / Activation

Do I need to download a new mobile application for OCBC OneToken?

OCBC OneToken is embedded in the OCBC Business Mobile Banking app.

What are the devices compatible with OCBC OneToken?

OCBC OneToken is embedded in OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app, and hence is supported on iOS and Android devices.

OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app is available on iOS 11 or latest for iPhone users, and Android OS 5 or latest for Android users.

How do I activate OCBC OneToken?

Download the latest OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking App via Apple Store or Google Play. Login with a valid OCBC Velocity credentials (Organisation ID, User ID, and Password) and follow the step-by-step screen guidance. Create your OneToken PIN to complete activation.

I am an Android user. What should I do as OneToken activation failed with this error message “Sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulty at the moment. Please try activating OneToken later.”?

Please clear your app cache (and/or app data) following these steps:

1. Uninstall the OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app
2. Switch off your phone and switch it on again
3. Install the OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app
4. Go to “Settings” > “Apps & Notification > “App info” to search for OCBC Business app (“Business”)
5. Select “Permission” and allow “Phone” and “Storage” permission
6. Select “Storage” and tap on “Clear Cache”
7. (Note: Skip this step (7.) if your phone was activated with OCBC OneToken for other OCBC Velocity
    User ID)
    In the same “Storage” screen, tap on “Clear Data”
8. Log in again and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your OCBC OneToken

I have more than one mobile device. Can I enable the OCBC OneToken on multiple mobile devices?

To ensure security, you are only allowed to setup OCBC OneToken on ONE mobile device.

I am existing user of OCBC Velocity. What if I do not have my hardware token with me to activate OCBC OneToken?

If your mobile number is registered in OCBC Velocity, you can still continue to activate OCBC OneToken.

  1. Download the OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app on your mobile device.
  2. Log in on the mobile app with your credentials. When prompted for an OTP, click on “Login using SMS” and enter the OTP received.
  3. At the Activate OneToken screen, click on “Activate Now”. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to set up the OCBC OneToken on your mobile device.

Can I continue to use my hardware token after I activate OCBC OneToken?

No, for security reason, once your OCBC OneToken is activated, your hardware token will be deactivated.

I have more than one companies and OCBC Velocity user accounts. Can I activate multiple OCBC OneToken on the same mobile device?

Yes. You can activate multiple OCBC OneToken for different users on the same mobile device.

What should I do if my employee is leaving the organization?

You should remove the respective user from OCBC Velocity as soon as possible. You can do this in 2 ways:

a. Complete the Manage OCBC Velocity Account Form to remove the user and return it to any of our branches. While waiting for the request to be processed, please ensure your staff

    i) delete OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app from their device, AND
    ii) block their own access via the hyperlink from the OCBC Velocity login page.

b. Or, If you are an administrator of OCBC Velocity, you can proceed to delete the user immediately under the “Administration” tab.

Note: For control reasons, any action initiated by one administrator in OCBC Velocity must be approved by another administrator

What should I do if I have accidentally deleted the OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app?

You will need to re-activate OCBC OneToken to continue banking with OCBC Velocity. Simply log in via the Business Mobile Banking app and you will be guided to re-activate OCBC OneToken.

*Please allow app permission to access files on your device.

Can I use the same OCBC OneToken for my personal banking account?

No, each OCBC Velocity user will require a unique OCBC OneToken. You have to activate your OCBC OneToken in the Business Mobile Banking app.

I received an SMS/ email notification on successful OneToken activation request, but it was not initiated by me. What should I do?

Immediately disable your OCBC Velocity access, and contact the bank for investigation.

You can disable your access by clicking on “Block my access temporarily” at the bottom right of OCBC Velocity login page or located under the Contact Us menu (at right menu) from the Business Mobile Banking app.