Enjoy these added services with OCBC Cards

Secure your card

Enjoy peace of mind with these added security measures on all of your OCBC Cards.

PIN & Pay

Know the tips on how to use PIN & Pay safely for your card.

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SMS Transaction Alerts

Be alerted via SMS when a transaction amount above the threshold amount is made to any of your OCBC credit or debit card.

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Lost your card

If you lost your card or suspect it has been stolen, report loss of your card immediately and request for a new or replacement one.

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Replace my card
Renewed debit card activation

Start using your renewed debit card immediately after your activation is complete.

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Credit and debit card activation

Your new or replacement card cannot be used by you or anyone else until you activate it. This helps to reduce the chance of unauthorised card usage.

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Learn how to activate your debit card
Update personal information

Update your personal information anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

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Security Tips

Here are the security tips to keep your credit and debit cards safe from any fraudulent activities.

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Overseas usage of your debit card

Shop smoothly overseas with your debit card. Activate your debit card for in-store purchases and ATM without withdrawal overseas.

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