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I want to
  • plan for my retirement
  • plan for my child's education
  • purchase a home
  • explore sustainable solutions
  • discover exclusive promotions
  • learn more about financial planning
We all have an idea of how we want to retire. However, many of us are not on track to achieving our retirement goal. Let us help you map out your plan and stay true to the retirement you want.
As a parent, you want the best for your child, but the rising cost of education locally and globally can make it tough. Let us help you map out a plan to stay true in providing your child with the best education opportunities.
Owning a house is an exciting milestone. Let us help you make this journey seamless with - from calculating your home affordability to picking the right home loan package that suits your needs.
Protecting our planet starts with you. Build a better world for your loved ones when you bank with us. Start by adopting our innovative, sustainable, and affordable green solutions.
Discover exclusive offers and discounts like no others.
Let's start with basics. Your financial journey is all about saving, growing and protecting your money.

OCBC Life Goals

We'll first help you calculate how much you need, then make a financial plan to work towards your retirement goal.

OCBC Life Goals

Starting with an estimate of your children's education costs based on their intented country of study, we will provide solutions to help you stay committed to their ambitions.

Home Loans

Acquire your dream home faster with customised and holistic solutions.

Sustainable banking

The conservation of our planet is a collective effort. Here at OCBC, we are with you every step of the way. Find out how you can go green with our products and services.


Discover all our latest promotions under accounts, cards, investments and digital banking products and services.

OCBC Wealth Management

Find out how you can save, grow and protect your money with our wealth management products.