Earn interest when you save monthly without withdrawing

Why you will love this

Choose your monthly deposit amount

Get interest rates of 0.85% or 1.25% a year when you make no withdrawals within the month

Get a base interest rate of 0.05% a year with any withdrawal in the month

Who can apply

Age 18 and above

Malaysian Citizens, Permanent Residents and Non-residents (subject to the country of origin)

A flexible plan to grow your savings even more with up to 1.25% in interest a year by saving regularly and with no withdrawals.

how it works

*Corresponding interest rate will apply to the total balance in the SmartSavers Account subject to total cumulative deposits amount made by the customer into their SmartSavers Account for every calendar month and any withdrawals from the SmartSavers Account made every calendar month.

The interest rates for this account are subject to revision in tandem with general direction of interest rates. Interest is calculated daily and will be credited at the end of each month.

Easy way to access and manage your money

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View all your OCBC accounts, download previous and current statements, and much more with OCBC Online Banking.

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Easy payments and transfers

Pay bills and transfer funds to accounts within OCBC, or to other banks' accounts via MEPS interbank GIRO.

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Wide network of ATMs nationwide

OCBC ATM cards are accepted at all MEPS ATMs. Withdrawals can be performed at no charge at all OCBC ATMs.

Global access

Make withdrawals at over 1,000 OCBC ATMs in Malaysia and at Visa PLUS ATMs anywhere in the world.

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Eligibility requirements

Minimum age

18 and above


Malaysian Citizens, Permanent Residents and Non-residents (subject to the country of origin)

Documents required

Identity card or passport

Deposit requirements

Initial deposit


Minimum balance to maintain in account

RM20 (Any transactions resulting in the balance falling below minimum balance shall be rejected)

PIDM disclosure

This deposit is protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

  • Deposit protection is automatic.
  • PIDM protects depositors holding deposits with banks.
  • There is no charge to depositors for deposit insurance protection.
  • Should a bank fail, PIDM will promptly reimburse depositors over their deposits.

For more information, refer to PIDM's DIS Brochures that are available at our counters or go to the website at

or visit us at a branch.

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