OCBC Titanium Mastercard

Unlimited Cashback
for the Online Shopper.
If you cannot resist the thrill of online shopping, OCBC Titanium Mastercard is just what you need.
Unlimited Cashback
  • 1% Unlimited Cashback on online shopping and overseas spending
  • 0.1% Cashback on all other retail spending
Lifetime Waiver of Annual Fees
Zero annual fees
21 and above
Annual income
Minimum RM36,000 per annum
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I get from my OCBC Titanium Mastercard (Blue/Pink)?
You can earn Cashback on purchases charged to your OCBC Titanium Mastercard (Blue/Pink) as provided in the table below.
Table 1
Transactions For Cashback Calculation
1% Online purchases and overseas spending
0.1% All other retail spending
What is Total Retail Spending?
Total Retail Spending means the total amount of your retail spending. The table below shows you what are retail spending transactions and what are not.
Table 2
Retail Spending
(Transactions Below Are Included For Cashback Calculation)
Non-Retail Spending
(Transactions Below Are Excluded From Cashback Calculation)
  1. Local and Overseas Purchases
  2. Auto Debit / Recurring
  3. E-commerce / Online Purchases
  4. Instalment Payment Plan (IPP)
  5. Mail Order / Telephone Order
  1. Easy Payment Plan (EPP)
  2. Balance Transfer (BT)
  3. Call for Cash (CFC)
  4. Power Credit Cash Plus
  5. Outstanding Balance
  6. Cash Advance
  7. Finance Charge
  8. Annual Fee
  9. Late Payment Charge
  10. Reversal on Transaction
  11. Disputed Transaction
  12. Fraudulent Transaction
  13. Card Replacement Fee
  14. Service Tax
  15. Other Fees and Charges
  16. Donations to Charitable and Social Service Organisations*
  17. Government - related payments*
*Effective 20th January 2023
Is there any annual fee for this OCBC Titanium Mastercard (Blue/Pink)?
No. You enjoy a lifetime annual fee waiver for both the Principal and Supplementary OCBC Titanium Mastercard (Blue/Pink).
I like both the Blue & Pink Credit Cards. Can I apply for both?
No. You may only hold your Credit Card in Blue or Pink Design.
I have applied for Principal and Supplementary OCBC Titanium Mastercard (Blue/Pink). Can I have the Principal Card in Pink and the Supplementary Card in Blue?
Yes. The Supplementary Card colour may vary from the Principal Card selection upon application.
How to activate my card?
View the steps to activate your card here.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Important Notes:
OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad merely provides payment convenience and disclaims all liabilities and obligations in respect of any products, services or representations by third parties. Usage of OCBC Credit Cards is subject to the terms and conditions in OCBC Cardmember’s Agreement.