Debit Card / Premier Debit Card

Debit Card Features

Take Control of your Finances

Set your daily transaction limits based on your comfort level
• Daily Purchase Limit
• Daily Withdrawal Limit
• Daily Fund Transfer Limit

Opt in/out for Overseas and Card-Not-Present (CNP) Transactions

• These features are blocked by default for security purposes
• Opt in to activate your Overseas Cash Withdrawal, Overseas Purchase and CNP (purchases on online non-3D secured websites, mail, fax and telephone orders)

Tighter Security

• Equipped with secure Chip & Pin technology
• Receive SMS notifications for transactions
• Secure your online transactions with One-Time Passwords

Premier Debit Card Features

Premier Status & Recognition

Your Premier Debit Card gives access to over 70 Premier Centres across Southeast Asia where you can hold private meetings or relax, unwind and catch up with the latest news while being served refreshments.

Debit Card Benefits

Our Debit Card comes with additional benefits, allowing you to enjoy more payment convenience with better security.

Benefits OCBC Debit Card ATM Card
ATM Cash Withdrawal
Overseas Cash Withdrawal
Purchase at POS terminal
Tap & pay at contactless terminal ✓ (From 16 Dec' 17 onwards)
Make online purchases
Make overseas purchases
Pay bills