Debit Card

Unlimited possibilities
for the Proficient Shopper.
If you want the flexibility of local and global access to your funds, OCBC Debit Card provides more choices for transactions in all your plans.
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  • Link to any one or more of your preferred OCBC Savings or Current Accounts.
  • Save more on transactions in foreign currency with zero bank foreign exchange mark-up.
  • Cash withdrawal at local and overseas ATMs.
  • Acceptance in Malaysia and worldwide when you spend at physical and online stores.
  • Quick and safe payment by tapping on point-of-sale terminal with no PIN, for amounts under RM250.
  • Set preferred cumulative contactless amount and count via OCBC Internet Banking.
  • Contactless purchase FAQ.
Maximum limit
Daily purchase RM5,000
Daily ATM cash withdrawal RM5,000
Daily ATM fund transfer RM30,000
Cumulative contactless amount RM500
Cumulative contactless count 5 times
  • Secure embedded chip and PIN technology.
  • SMS transaction alert for purchase and ATM cash withdrawal transactions.
  • MyDebit purchase transactions are verifiable instantly via OCBC Internet Banking.
  • More tips to protect your OCBC Debit Card.
  • Set threshold amount for SMS transaction alerts via OCBC Internet Banking.
  • Customise your daily spend, ATM withdrawal and fund transfer limits via OCBC Internet Banking and OCBC branches.
  • Enable/disable overseas spend, overseas ATM cash withdrawal and online shopping via OCBC Internet Banking and OCBC branches.
  • View your transaction and payment history via OCBC Internet Banking.

Important Notes:
  • This debit card supports two debit card brands – MyDebit and Mastercard. By supporting both of these debit card brands, there are more retail outlets that will accept your debit card for payment in Malaysia and overseas.
  • When using this debit card at retailers in Malaysia, a retailer may choose to accept and process the payment on your card using either MyDebit or Mastercard. This is the retailer’s choice and allows the retailer to process the payment via their chosen debit card network. Please be aware that you are not able to request the retailer change their chosen debit card network.
OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad merely provides payment convenience and disclaims all liabilities and obligations in respect of any products, services or representations by third parties. Usage of OCBC Debit Cards is subject to the terms and conditions in OCBC Debit Cardmember's Agreement.