Seller (Export Finance)

As a seller, your main concerns are:

Receiving payment from your buyer and securing your deals

Depending on the relationship between both parties, you may the following trade finance services: Export Letter of Credit (Export LC) or Export Documentary Collection, Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit, Letter of Credit (LC) Transfer (Sales).

Export Letter of Credit
(Export LC)

Assures payment to your supplier if their documents meet the terms and conditions of your LC.

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Export Documentary Collection

Ensures that your export documents are released to your buyer upon payment or commitment of future payment.

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Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit

Assures your buyer that you will fulfil contractual obligations.

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Letter of Credit (LC) Transfer (Sales)

Use your buyer's LC to secure the goods from your seller

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Invoice Financing (Sales)

Get paid in advance for your sales under cash terms.

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Foreign Currency Trade Finance (Sales)

A short-term trade financing facility in major foreign currencies.

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Export Credit Refinancing

A short-term trade financing scheme by the Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad.

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Banker's Acceptance (Sales)

Finance your exports and domestic sales under cash terms at a later date.

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