What is MaxYield?

Take your savings further with MaxYield, a universal life endowment plan that provides Guaranteed Cash Payment and potential growth for your money.

Guaranteed Cash Payment (GCP) (Paid annually over 13 years)

Flexible Payment Term (Pay insurance premiums for 5 or 7 years)

Guaranteed Policy Issuance (No medical underwriting)

No Lapse Guaranteed (NLG)

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

Guaranteed Protection (Death & Total Permanent Disability (TPD))

  • TPD - protection up to age 69 years
  • Death - protection up to policy maturity
Note: The Guaranteed Cash Payments, Maturity Benefit, No-Lapse Guarantee only applies if all premiums and overdue premium interest (if any) are paid up to date.

Entry Age

Life Assured Proposer
(Policy Owner)
Minimum 30 days old
attained age
Maximum 65

Basic Annual Premium

Premium Payment
Term (PPT)
5 years 7 years
Minimum RM6,000
(Per Life)
Yearly Guaranteed Cash Payment

With MaxYield, you will receive a percentage of your Basic Annualised Premium at the end of each policy year by way of Guaranteed Cash Payment, providing you with an extra annual income.

Cash Payment

% of Basic Annualised Premium
End of Policy Year 5-Pay 13 7-Pay 13
1 to 5 5.0% 5.0%
6 to 7 13.0% 5.0%
8 to 13 13.0% 13.0%
Total 129.0% 113.0%

See how your money grows with MaxYield

MaxYield offers you the flexibility of choosing either 5 or 7 years payment term, with 13 years coverage.

See your potential Coverage and Earnings with: