What is MaxEmpower?

MaxEmpower is a limited pay non-participating Universal Life (UL) endowment plan with flexible premium payment terms you can choose from upon inception. This plan gives you the flexibility to grow your wealth and to provide protection against death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), for your loved ones according to your own timeline.

Key Benefits of MaxEmpower

Empowering you with

Details about Maturity Benefit

At policy maturity, you will receive the higher of:

  • Your Basic Policy Account Value (BPAV) and Maturity Booster; or
  • 100% of your total premiums paid

If there is any unpaid premium and overdue premium interest upon maturity, only Basic Policy Account Value shall be payable in one lump sum

Details about Maturity Booster

Maturity Booster is based on your policy term. The total value of Maturity Booster payable is up to the value of total premiums paid.

Policy Terms % of Basic Policy Account Value (BPAV)
10 - 14 Years 3%
15 - 24 Years 6%
25 - 34 Years 10%
35 - 40 Years 15%

Details about Riders

Choose to attach any of these 3 optional riders to your policy.

UL Critical Illness (CI) Waiver Rider

Takes care of the future premiums of your basic plan and riders should any of the 35 covered critical illnesses occur to the Life Assured.

UL Payer Benefit Rider

Takes care of the future premiums of your basic plan and riders in the event of Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) of the Payer.

UL Term Rider

Provides additional lump sum payout upon Death or TPD of the Life Assured.

*only available for policy with medical underwriting and subject to product availability.

Details about No-Lapse Guarantee

Ensures that your policy will not lapse even when the account value drops to zero, provided all regular premiums and overdue premium interest (if any) are paid up to date.

During NLG period, all benefits under the basic policy will be payable. The accumulated unpaid policy fees and insurance charges will be deducted in the event of the following occurrence:

  • when the premium is paid;
  • upon partial or full surrender of BPAV; or
  • from any benefit or claim proceeds payable under this policy.

NLG is not applicable to riders attachable to the policy.

Mr. Lee is 40 years old (age at next birthday) and a non-smoker who intends to prepare for his 9-year-old son’s future university education expenses. He considered MaxEmpower as he would be able to adjust the policy term according to his son's education needs and therefore opted for a payment term of 5 years with a policy term of 10 years. For supplementary protection, he opted for the optional UL Critical Illness Waiver Rider* to ensure his premiums are taken care of in the event he is diagnosed with any of the listed critical illnesses that are covered under this policy. Throughout his policy term, he will receive coverage upon Death or TPD.

Prior to maturity, should he decide that he does not need his funds at the end of 10 years (for example, if his son receives a scholarship to further his education), he can choose to extend his policy term for another 30 years with no additional premium, up to age 80 years (age at next birthday). Otherwise, the policy will mature at the end of 10 years and the total Maturity Benefit will be payable in one lump sum.

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Terms and conditions apply. You are advised to refer to any OCBC Bank sales staff for the Sales Illustration, Product Disclosure Sheet, brochure and sample policy contract for details of important features and benefits of the plan before purchasing it. This is a life insurance plan underwritten by Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad (198201013982 / 93745-A) and OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (199401009721 / 295400-W) is the distributor of this product.