Financing to SMEs

SMEs can now expand their business capacities with the BNM Funding Schemes.

Must be a SME (and excluding those SMEs in the Primary Agriculture Sector and Micro Enterprises).
Must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), authorities/district offices in Sabah and Sarawak or
   statutory bodies for professional service providers.
Shareholders' fund must be RM5 million or below.
The shareholding by Public Listed Companies and Government Linked Companies (if any) in the SMEs cannot exceed 20%
A Malaysian or Malaysians residing in Malaysia must hold a minimum of 51% shareholding in the SME.
The financing amount being sought must be for capital expenditures, e.g. the purchase of machinery and equipment or
   renovation costs for owner-occupied business premises, and/or working capital.
The financing amount cannot be used for the following:
   Refinancing of existing credit/financing facilities
   Purchase of shares
   Land/real estate investment
   Property development
   Investment by investment holding companies
   Activities where stock-in-trade is money, including credit, leasing, factoring and insurance businesses
   Activities related to gambling, alcohol, tobacco or other similar types of activities and products
   Non-Shariah-compliant business activities (applicable for Islamic financing)
Terms and Conditions apply. Subject to Bank Negara Malaysia's approval.
Fees & Charges
The fees and charges will depend on several factors including the financing amount and type of collateral pledged.
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