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Travel insurance

Benefit Benefit Limit per Cardholder per event in USD / MYR Excess per Cardholder per event in USD / Time / MYR
Medical and Travel Assistance Services Benefit limit not applicable to this section.
Refer to next table for description.
Not applicable
Emergency Medical,
Evacuation and Repatriation Expenses
Medical expenses
Evacuation and Repatriation expenses/
Transportation of Mortal Remains/
Return of Dependent Children
USD 100,000 / (MYR 440,000)
USD 100,000 / (MYR 440,000)
USD 50 / (MYR 220)
USD 50 / (MYR 220)
Personal Accident
Common Carrier
USD 1,000,000 / (MYR 4,400,000)
For children aged 16 and under death benefit is limited to USD 3,000 / (MYR 14,250)
Not applicable
Baggage and Money
Loss of Baggage
USD 500 / (MYR 2,200) for leather
Limit to :
USD250 / (MYR 1,100) for any one article
USD300 / (MYR 1,320) in respect of Jewellery
and Valuable in total. USD 1000 / (MYR 4,400) for laptop
Not applicable
Trip Cancellation USD 3,000 / (MYR 13,200) Not applicable
Inconvenience Benefits Travel delay USD 15 / (MYR 66) 4 (four) hours
Baggage delay USD 100 / (MYR 440) 4 (four) hours
Missed Connection USD 500 / (MYR 2,200) Not applicable
Missed Departure USD 500 / (MYR 2,200) USD 50 / (MYR 220)

Compensation payable in respect of Personal Accident
1. Death
100% of sums above
2. Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one or both eyes
100% of sums above
3. Loss of one or two Limbs
100% of sums above
4. Permanent Total Disablement (other than above)
100% of sums above
Benefit shall not be payable under more than one of the items above in respect of the consequences of one Accident.
Medical and Travel Assistance Services
Telephone assistance International SOS will provide Medical Telephone assistance including information on inoculation requirements for travel. International SOS will also provide information on travel visas.
Service Provider referral International SOS will provide to the Cardholder contact details for medical or legal service providers.
Medical Monitoring International SOS will, if required, monitor the Cardholder's medical condition during and after hospitalisation until the beneficiary regains a normal state of health, subject to any and all obligations in respect of confidentiality and relevant authorisation.
Cardholder support For report a lost or stolen Card or for account queries, International SOS shall contact the Policyholder's customers service line as soon as practicable.
Guarantee of Payment International SOS will guarantee or pay any required hospital admittance deposit on behalf of a Cardholder.
Third Party Services In the event of an emergency where, either the Cardholder cannot be adequately assessed by telephone for possible evacuation, or the Cardholder cannot be moved and local medical treatment is unavailable, International SOS will, send an appropriately qualified medical practitioner to the Cardholder.

International SOS will arrange to have delivered to the Cardholder essential medicine, drugs, medical supplies or medical equipment that are necessary for a Cardholder’s care and/or treatment but which are not available at the Cardholder's location.
Despatch of Medication Not Available Locally International SOS will dispatch the necessary medication not available locally in case of emergency provided local rules and regulations allow such a dispatch.

Complimentary Access to Flight Club at KLIA

Simply flash your OCBC Premier Voyage card and be pampered on-the-go with the Chef’s choice of food and beverage selections and much more.
Location: Mezzanine Floor Satellite Building, KLIA
Lounge Facilities: Food & Beverages, seating area, internet access, international newspapers and magazines, international TV channels, flight information details
Cardholder’s Entitlement: Each Cardholder shall be entitled to enjoy four complimentary 3-hour visit, service inclusive of facilities mentioned above

Complimentary Travel Accident

Travel Accident
1. Accident Death, if occurring within 100 days after the date of Accident USD 1,000,000
2. Permanent Disablement specified below, if occurring within 100 days after the date of Accident:
a. Total and incurable paralysis or insanity of injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden USD 1,000,000
b. Loss of two limbs USD 1,000,000
c. Loss of sight of both eyes USD 1,000,000
d. Loss of one limb and sight of one eye USD 1,000,000
e. Loss of one limb USD 500,000
f. Loss of one limb and sight of one eye USD 500,000
Note: Insured Person under the age of fourteen (14) years at the time of Accident shall be entitled to only 5% of the aforesaid sum. The maximum the Corporation will pay for any one Accident is USD 1million/-per family.