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Meet your saving goals and enjoy attractive interest rates with our deposit accounts.
Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor

Banking Accounts

Premier Booster Account

Enjoy high rates and flexibility with your funds. Earn 2.10% p.a. base interest on balances of RM200,000 and above. Enjoy Wealth Bonus of additional 1.20% p.a. for 4 months on your balances when you invest or insure in any new eligible wealth product from OCBC.

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Premier Account

An exclusive account for Premier Banking members that pays interest on balances while offering the flexibility of a current account.

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Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Account

Whether it's Australian, Kiwi, Singaporean, or American dollars, keep your savings in your preferred currency with our range of foreign currency products to suit your needs.

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Plan for your retirement and leave a legacy for your loved ones without compromising your lifestyle.

Retirement planning


Enjoy various coverage and premium payment terms to personalize your savings plan to best fit your needs.

Wealth Planning

Max Multiplier

Affordable payment schemes to help you make small steps now for a bigger legacy in the future.

Max Optimum

Multiply and preserve your estates and ensure your next generation receives equal distribution with the legacy plan that gives you peace of mind.

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Maximise your wealth with a wide array of investment options for different risk profiles and portfolio types.
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Unit trusts

Uncover a wide range of Unit Trust funds to suit your investment needs. With our suite of funds available, you can choose the right fund with varying investment objectives, mix and exposure to better meet your needs. We only recommend funds that are carefully selected and guided by our Investment Specialists.

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Dual Currency Investment

On-going movements in currency market presents many investment opportunities. The currency-linked Dual Currency Investment allows you to capitalise on these opportunities to reap attractive returns.

Retail Bonds

If you want fixed income investment, we offer or distribute bonds denominated in MYR or in foreign currency.

Structured Investments

Gain potential returns with structured investments that can be customised to suit your risk appetite. The Structured Investments can be a principal guaranteed or not a principal guaranteed investment with various underlying asset classes.

OCBC Wealth Account

Oversee your portfolios easily and have a holistic view of your wealth. You will be able to instantly track the performance of your investments to help you review your cashflow and returns better.

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Get customised and holistic solutions for important investments, whether you’re purchasing a property or refinancing an existing loan.

Home financing

Premier Housing Loan

Enjoy exclusive Premier privileges when you sign up for an OCBC Home Loan.

Overseas Property Financing (OPF)

Choose to take up our financing solution in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP) or Australian Dollars (AUD), depending on your financial and cash flow requirements.

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OPF is for Malaysian residents only.

Portfolio Financing

Overdraft against your Shares or any of your Deposit, Investment or Insurance Products

  • Pledge your shares that are acceptable to us to obtain an overdraft of up to 70% of the prevailing market value of the shares.
  • Pledge your fixed deposit, investment, single premium endowment plan or unit trust to obtain an overdraft of up to 100% of the collateral's value.
  • Pledge your OCBC fixed deposit without withdrawing it to obtain an overdraft of up to two times its value.

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Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards

OCBC Premier Voyage
Discover the world with Malaysia’s first metal card, which earns you
Voyage Miles every time you spend. Experience a new dimension of travel with Voyage Miles that never expires, along with four times access to Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA in a year, 0% foreign currency mark-up and complimentary travel insurance up to USD 1 million. Top this off with Voyage Exchange, a world class concierge service and you are all set for a world of privileges.
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OCBC Premier Debit Card
Enjoy full control over your funds with a globally accepted card, complete with contactless payment function and saving perks on overseas spending. Gain access to 76 OCBC Premier Centres across Southeast Asia for you to unwind and relax while we attend to your banking needs.
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