OCBC One Token

Make business transactions
conveniently with the digital token
on your mobile device

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OCBC OneToken is a digital security token designed to replace your hardware token and SMS OTP.
With OCBC OneToken, generating security codes for business transactions is now easier and more secure.

Why OCBC OneToken is your best business partner

Banking Made Simple

Say goodbye to the days of toggling to retrieve your OTPs on Mobile Banking or having to rummage for your hardware token whenever you're in need of OTPs.

Enhanced Security

A transaction can only be processed if it was generated by the registered device.

Convenience on-the-go

You can generate
OTPs even when you
have no network.

Together Wherever You Are

OCBC OneToken will always be with you wherever you go and whenever you need it.

How does it work?

Your hardware token will be replaced by the OCBC OneToken, which will be used for logging in and to authorise transactions on both OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking App and OCBC Velocity.

Turn on notifications for your OCBC Malaysia Business Mobile Banking app for a convenient mobile banking experience.
Find out more on how to make your mobile banking experience more ideal.

Mobile Banking

Convenient authorisation

OCBC OneToken will make the whole process
more convenient for performing authorisations.

Internet Banking

Convenient login

You will now receive push notification on your mobile phone
that will prompt you to login on OCBC Velocity.

How to activate OCBC OneToken?

Existing user of hardware token
New to OCBC Velocity

Activate OCBC OneToken on your OCBC Business Mobile Banking App today

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Important notices

Terms & Conditions apply. Please view here (for English) and here (for BM) for more information.