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OCBC incentivising its staff to sign up for national Covid-19 vaccination programme

OCBC incentivising its staff to sign up for national Covid-19 vaccination programme

  • 09 Mar 2021

As the country begins to roll out the national Covid-19 vaccination programme, OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (OCBC Bank) has started to incentivise its more than 5,000 staff to sign up. It is doing so through tangible incentives such as off-days, medical leave, transport reimbursement, post-vaccination support and work-from-home arrangements.

The Bank, the first in the country to publicly announce such support measures for employees, is undertaking the exercise to spur on greater confidence in the vaccines so people take the step forward although it is not mandatory.

The OCBC Bank Covid-19 Vaccination Support Programme consists of a day off for staff who go for vaccination; medical leave without the need for any medical certificate for up to two days if the staff experiences side effects; the option to work from home for a week after the vaccination; transport reimbursement for fares to and from vaccination clinics or centres; and medical consultation reimbursement if they need to consult a doctor for side effects arising from the vaccination. The medical consultation fees will be fully reimbursable and not taken from the staff’s standard medical expenses account.

According to OCBC Bank Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Ong Eng Bin the Bank is fully behind the national Covid-19 vaccination support programme which it believes has been carefully thought out and worthy of full support.

“As an organisation that serves in the front-lines, we have been following closely the rollout of the vaccination programme and decided to come out quickly, strongly and decisively to encourage our staff to protect themselves against the virus in this way. Although the incentives might appear merely intuitive they represent the removal of barriers that can go a long way toward helping the exercise along. Our HR people worked through a range of scenarios and obstacles before coming up with the current list of incentives.

“While the decision to take up the vaccination lies entirely with the staff, we would like them to know that we will be behind them all the way should they decide to sign up for the programme,” he said.


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