Our governance structure

The Board has the ultimate responsibility and oversight for sustainability at OCBC. In this regard, the Board takes our material ESG factors into account when setting the strategic direction of the company.

The Sustainability Council is responsible for the management and monitoring of how localised sustainability initiatives are executed, which support our material ESG factors under our Group Sustainability Framework.

It is chaired by our Chief Executive Officer and comprises other Senior Management Team members.

The Sustainability Work Streams are responsible for implementing initiatives, engaging internal and external stakeholders on sustainability matters, driving performance across our material ESG factors through the setting and measurement of KPIs and targets. The work streams span 5 pillars – Business, Policies & Regulations, Operations, People, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Work stream members include representatives from across all our main business and support units which include:

Transformation Office
An extension of the CEO's Office, this department is responsible for overall coordination of strategic transformation initiatives as well as driving the bank's concerted sustainability and digital agendas.

Islamic Banking
After being actively involved in offering Islamic banking products and services since 1995, OCBC Bank launched its wholly owned Islamic banking subsidiary, OCBC Al-Amin Bank Berhad, on 1 December 2008. OCBC Al-Amin offers products and services which are developed based on the applicable Shariah contract and with the endorsement of the Shariah Advisory Committee to meet the requirements of both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Features such as fixed financing rates and profit sharing have attracted a growing group of loyal customers who wish to draw from the Islamic principles of fairness, caring and accuracy.

Business Banking
This division includes Corporate & Commercial Banking and Emerging Business – servicing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), large corporates, real estate companies, government bodies and institutional customers. It offers clients a whole range of products and services from traditional credit facilities and cash management services to more sophisticated capital raising arrangements in the public debt market.

Investment Banking
The Investment Banking division, which comprises Capital Markets, Corporate Finance and Mezzanine Capital, works closely with the Business Banking division to develop and customise products and services to meet customers' specific requirements. OCBC Bank was accorded the prestigious Blue Print award by RAM (Rating Agency Malaysia) under the New ABS Benchmark Deal 2006 category in recognition of the pioneering role it played as Lead Arranger of a palm oil Islamic securitisation exercise for the Rimbunan Hijau Group. The exercise involved the securitisation of future receivables generated from its palm oil plantations and oil mill.

Global Treasury
The Treasury division works in partnership with the Business Banking and Consumer Financial Services divisions to structure products and financial solutions for customers who need to invest their funds or hedge their exposure. It also engages in proprietary trading in foreign exchange, fixed income securities, derivatives and money markets. OCBC's focus here is to assist clients to better manage their market risks in foreign exchange and interest rates. The team focuses on understanding clients' business needs and offering competitive rates and efficient execution services, using state-of-the-art tools and technology.

Transaction Banking
The Transaction Banking division offers transaction-related services such as cash management and trade finance to SMEs, large corporations, financial institutions and government entities. A dedicated team of trade specialists helps customer to structure trade solutions for business banking customers' import/export needs, while cash management specialists offer solutions to help streamline operations and optimise cash flows. With state-of-the-art electronic delivery systems, clients get to make payments and prepare trade documents with ease, speed and accuracy. OCBC has received a number of awards for its transaction banking services.

Consumer Financial Services
In Malaysia, OCBC Bank's Consumer Financial Services division offers an array of consumer products and services to its customers. These range from providing convenience in financial transactions and deposits, home loans, credit cards, personal overdraft, commercial property loans and premier banking to investment opportunities and insurance. The Bank also has a leading presence in several segments, including homes loans and wealth management.

Risk Management
This division is an independent function responsible for ensuring that risk management practices at OCBC Bank are effective and comprehensive.

This division supports the Bank in all, regulatory and compliance matters, including developing policies and procedures to manage and mitigate risks.

This division mitigates the legal risk associated with the Bank's business and provides related advice. This includes reviewing new products and services, drafting and maintaining terms and conditions and providing assistance in legal disputes involving the Bank. The Division supervises external counsels and facilitates communication between them and the Bank.

Operations and Technology
This division focusses on building solutions and reimagining banking for our customers by creating a technology-led internal culture.

Property Services
This division manages the Bank's properties.

Human Resources
This division provides thought leadership and advice on people issues in the organisation across the end-to-end employment lifecycle.

Brand and Communications
This division is involved in executing brand and communications initiatives with the media, employees, customers, shareholders and the general public.