Business Financial Management

Plan Ahead with our Digital Business Solution on OCBC Velocity

Carry out your business stress-free! Integrated into OCBC Velocity, the OCBC Business Financial Management tool offers simple invoice and accounts management features besides providing intuitive data visuals on your cash flows.
Powerful Features for Your Everyday Business

Cash Flow Management

Sales e-Invoicing

Bill Invoicing

All-Round View on Business Financial Health

Keep a close watch on your historic, current and forecasted* cash inflows and outflows through simple, intuitive and stunning visuals.
*Available Q1 2021

Make Rapid Decisions with Real Time Data

See all your accounts data up to date, or deep dive into a single account to act on it immediately.

Create Personalised Invoice

Create e-invoice with the flexibility to customise payment terms and upload your company logo.

Make Account Receivables Management Effortless

Automatic reconciliation for data accuracy to free up your time from manual tracking process.

Build Customer and Goods & Services Database

Keep a record of your customer’s details and track their payment performance on an ongoing basis.

Optimise Your Account Payable

Maintain business confidence with your suppliers by recording invoices received and track every payment easily.

Never Miss Your Payments Again

Get alerted on upcoming bill payments and make them instantly in your preferred way.

More Awesome Features On Its Way!

Financial Analysis

Get a quick summary, or simply drill down to view your business income and expenses by different categories

Financial Calendar

See your business activities in an intuitive calendar layout

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