Valuing our people


Why this is material to us

A healthy, resilient, connected and engaged workforce is a high-performing one. As the nature of work and the workplace changes, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a responsibility to our employees to provide a workplace that is safe, supports mental and physical health, and enables them to have a fulfilling life both in and outside the office. It is also important that they remain connected and engaged with the company and their fellow colleagues, to build trust and a sense of purpose at the workplace.

Our approach

We have instituted a robust framework of policies and procedures that ensures we place our employees' health, safety and wellbeing at the top of our priorities as an employer. This includes tools that enable us to quickly detect and respond to any threats or incidents related to their wellbeing. We also invest in initiatives and programmes to promote their wellbeing both during and outside work hours.

We regularly validate the effectiveness of our framework by incorporating lessons learnt from past incidents and crises, conducting crisis simulations, and participating in industry-wide exercises to identify weaknesses.

Featured programmes/initiatives

Protecting our employees amid Covid-19
We have sought to protect our employees during the pandemic through ongoing monitoring of the situation by our Crisis Management Team comprising senior members of the Bank who provide key decisions and guidance. The Pandemic Taskforce, represented by all divisions and subsidiaries, continues to establish plans according to the current situation and execute various response actions.

The Bank has created a guide for managing Covid-19 positive cases and close contacts. This includes unrecorded leave and supplying food items to employees identified to be Covid-19 positive.

Covid-19 vaccination support program
All employees are given a day off on the date of their vaccination so they can attend their appointments and rest at home after their vaccination. They can also seek reimbursement for taxi/Grab fares to and from vaccination clinics/centres. Should an employee feel unwell or experience severe side effects post-vaccination, they are allowed to apply for medical leave without a medical certificate, are provided the option to work from home subject to work requirements, and may be reimbursed for outpatient medical expenses incurred due to the vaccine side-effects.

Covid-19 vaccination drive
The Bank arranged with private clinics and medical centres to provide Covid-19 immunisation to outstation employees who signed up for this programme. This drive was exclusively for our OCBC employees outside the Klang Valley to help accelerate the inoculation process.

Supporting the mental and emotional health of our employees
Throughout the sustained pandemic period, we focused on protecting the mental and emotional health of our people, which has become a more important issue than ever before.

Employee assistance programme
The Bank partners with workplace options to provide a holistic programme covering physical, mental, social and financial well-being to help employees in areas from personal development to work-related stresses in everyday life. This programme is extended to all employees and their immediate family members, including spouse, children (age 8 years and above), parents and siblings.

MyWellness Fiesta
OCBC Group colleagues around the world converged as they participated in the MyWellness Fiesta held virtually from 11 October to 15 November 2021. The Fiesta included talks, workshops and fitness classes curated around wellness, mindfulness and sustainability.


Why this is material to us

Building an inclusive culture that embraces diversity, treats employees fairly and provides equal opportunities is crucial to the Bank's long-term success, as it helps to foster creativity and innovation.

Our approach

We seek to recognise each individual and the value they bring to the Bank. This means cultivating an environment where employees can be who they are, while providing support for them to be the best version of themselves. We work hard to maintain a culture that is caring, trusting and progressive.

To ensure we deliver on our commitments, we have put in place a number of key policies, including:

  • Anti-Bullying and Harassment: Our Code of Conduct sets out clear standards of behaviour for our employees, including guidelines on anti-bullying and harassment. We have a robust grievance procedure in place for employees to share their concerns without any fear of retaliation.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: The OCBC Employer Brand articulates our programmes and policies, which are anchored on three Employer Brand pillars: Caring, Progressive and Delivering a Difference.

  • Work-Life Integration: We support employees to succeed in both their careers and personal lives, offering flexible work arrangements for working parents who need to juggle demands both at home and at work. We also provide childcare centres with full facilities at three of our sites.

Featured programmes/initiatives

MentorMe Programme

  • Launched in 2020, we leveraged on the Group's 9-month MentorMe programme to provide a platform for Malaysian senior leadership mentors (both male and female) to guide middle-management mentees.

  • Our Group CEO (the Programme Sponsor) and OCBC Malaysia CEO participated in a panel discussion during the launch of MentorMe second year programme in 2021.

  • We had 24 mentor-mentee pairs in 2020, which was increased to 28 in 2021.

Campus Star Awards
Despite the ongoing pandemic, Campus Star Awards continues to encourage our learning champions to volunteer time in imparting their knowledge and skill. A total of 16 internal trainers in 2021 were recognised for their dedication and commitment.


Why this is material to us

We believe that the best organisations thrive because of the strength of their people. Our talent is our most important asset. It is imperative that we continue to attract, retain and develop the best talent to ensure we are future-ready.

Our approach

OCBC has had a longstanding commitment to developing our employees throughout their careers. We maintain a culture of learning that prioritises holistic development, helping employees realise their full potential both professionally and personally.

We offer a comprehensive suite of development programmes for leaders at all levels across the Group. Our core Leadership programmes focus on our 7 APEX (Achieving Performance Excellence) leadership competencies, dedicated to nurturing well-rounded leaders.

Our OCBC Learning Blueprint underpins our learning philosophy of Autonomy, Mastery and Relatedness. We aim to build a sustainable learning ecosystem for spurring our employees on in their path of continuous learning.

Featured programmes/initiatives

Future Smart Festival
Our Future Smart Programme is at the heart of our talent management strategy with the objective of reskilling and upskilling our employees, especially to ensure they are well-equipped with the digital competencies needed to thrive in the rapidly changing economy.

We recorded a total of more than 46,000 learning completions for Future Smart-tagged modules as of end December 2021.

Campus on Cloud goes virtual on HR in your Pocket (HIP)
More than 50% of our employees have embraced the new learning experience of learning anywhere, anytime - providing greater autonomy in crafting their own learning journeys.

Wellness sessions
We curated and designed 40 virtual sessions for leaders and individual contributors focusing on mindset change, wellness, coping skills - in close partnership with certified psychologists.

Our Sustainability Series

The Bank provides a range of sustainability modules, these include:

  • OCBC Sustainabilty e-Learning for all employees

  • Foundation in ESG Investing

  • Green and Sustainable Finance in the Future of Finance

  • Sustainable & Responsible Investment (SRI)

  • Climate Scenario Analysis, Risks and Action

  • Carbon and Climate

  • Sustainability Leadership Programme

  • Stewarding for the Future

Leadership programmes

  • BOLD - Offered to the senior management team by IESE business school, this is a 7-month journey focused on deepening leadership and strategic skills, transformation and sustainability.

  • INSEAD EDP - This programme focuses on developing strategic and agility skills for Exceptional Talent.

  • LEAD - This is a 3-month programme involving a partnership with National University of Singapore (NUS) to build core leadership from middle to senior leaders.

  • New DARE' AVPs programme is offered to teach knowledge and application on how to step forward and be courageous in leading oneself, influencing others and performing in a future filled with both change and opportunities at OCBC.

Certification programmes
Armed with workforce analysis, we critically reviewed what new skills and capabilities our employees needed. We offered several Literacy programmes to accelerate growth in the areas of AI in Finance, Machine Learning and RPA, Coding, Cyber Risks, Digital Marketing, and Social Media.

Taking a more rigorous approach with modules curated based on business demands, we offered wealth management and its digital wealth management module at Practitioner Level for more than 50 premier banking employees.

Leaders sharing sessions
Through several Up-Close and Personal sessions with the senior leaders of OCBC Malaysia, we uncovered our leaders' unique paths toward their success as they shared inspirational stories of their personal struggles and triumphs. Key messages included managing wellbeing, career development, authenticity and leadership.

The sessions were moderated by our Graduate Talents to promote collaboration and visibility across management ranks as well as a speak-up culture. Participation was open to all employees and the feedback has been very encouraging.