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OCBC has extended its support of the local community of Tebuk Mendeleng

OCBC has extended its support of the local community of Tebuk Mendeleng

  • 19 Feb 2024

OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (OCBC Bank) has extended its support of the local community of Tebuk Mendeleng in Sabak Bernam beyond its ongoing three-year RM648,538 mangroves rehabilitation programme to include the social education dimension of supporting one of the community’s schools, SK Seri Mawar.

OCBC Teluk Intan staff shared their knowledge on financial literacy to help the students of SK Seri Mawar grasp the rudiments of wealth management at an early age

The 215 students of SK Seri Mawar in Sungai Air Tawar, located a few kilometres from the Tebuk Mendeleng mangroves rehabilitation site, can now go through their studies in a more conducive environment with three new air-conditioners at the school’s computer lab, a new roof over the nearby pondok wakaf to encourage learning and a fresh coat of paint for parts of the school.

This was made possible through a further RM20,000 contribution by the Bank through its Teluk Intan branch.

OCBC Teluk Intan branch staff lending a hand to paint to classroom walls of SK Seri Mawar

The Bank has, in conjunction with its 90th anniversary celebration in 2022, committed to planting and nurturing 9,000 mangrove trees over 4.5 hectares of degraded land in Tebuk Mendeleng from 2022-2025.

According to SK Seri Mawar principal Encik Zool Fadli, the plight of the school and their need for the upgrades fell on the good ears of its community partner OCBC Bank which was quick to respond and support the effort through its Teluk Intan branch.

“Now that the students are fully back in school following the pandemic, there is a heightened need for a conducive learning environment for their sustained educational development. The air-conditioners, roof for the pondok wakaf and fresh coat of paint for the school are a boon to them.

“Although many schools are partially government-aided, we still need to source for own funds to provide an acceptable standard of education for our students. In our quest to enhance our surroundings and create a more comfortable learning environment, we approached our friends at OCBC Bank and are grateful to them for being quick to understand our plight and respond to it. This will ultimately bring much joy to our students and staff,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of OCBC Bank, its Teluk Intan branch Senior Manager Mr Alex Low Chuen Yee said the Bank did not hesitate to step in to assist the local community he now calls his friends. Mr Low was among those who participated in the Bank’s mangrove tree planting programme in 2022.

“We are aware that many people are still a little weighed down by the social and economic after-effects of the global pandemic, so we wanted to reach out and support our own community, particularly those who have been deeply affected during the past few years. A comfortable and well-equipped study environment is vital to a student's academic success and a comfortable setting will always serve to lift spirits. We hope our sponsorship of the air-conditioners, pondok wakaf roof and repainting work will be beneficial to the students in the long run.

“I would also like to thank my colleagues who volunteered in conducting a financial literacy session for the students so they can better understand wealth management from an early age.

“For us at OCBC Bank, our commitment toward building a sustainable future goes beyond the provision of financial means. By fully understanding the current needs of our environment and the community, we hope to bring lasting value when it comes to serving others, including our environment,” he said.

He added that mangroves are a rare and prolific ecosystem on the boundary between land and sea. Besides acting as a form of natural coastal defence against storms, tsunamis, rising sea levels and erosion, their soils can sequester vast amounts of carbon, making it an effective “carbon sink”. This extraordinary ecosystem also supports a rich biodiversity and provides a valuable nursery for fish and crustaceans. It also contributes to the wellbeing, food security and protection of coastal villages and communities from environmental risks.

In 2022, OCBC Bank tied up with 2022 Merdeka Award recipient NGO Global Environment Centre (GEC) together with Friends of Kampung Dato Hormat Mangroves (locally known as Sahabat Hutan Bakau Kampung Dato Hormat (SHBKDH) for the Tebuk Mendeleng rehabilitation project.

Mr Low said that with more than 90 years of giving to communities, OCBC Bank looks forward to enabling individuals, SMEs and businesses to build a more sustainable future.



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