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OCBC Kuching branch radiates with Edric Ong-designed cultural attire every Wednesday

OCBC Kuching branch radiates with Edric Ong-designed cultural attire every Wednesday

  • 05 Jan 2022

Wednesdays are bringing a sparkle to the week at the OCBC Bank branch in Kuching as part of its celebration and preservation of the country’s cultural diversity and the local heritage. Each time the middle of the week arrives, all the staff don their Edric Ong-designed ethnic costumes as they celebrate all that Sarawak is and has become.


The OCBC Kuching branch staff posing proudly in their Edric Ong-inspired ethnic costumes

The costumes, representing the Bank’s oneness with the local community and commitment to sustainable practices, incorporates familiar patterns and colours of the various tribes of Sarawak through the custom-curated garments of the renowned multi-awarded designer who was born and bred in Kuching.

According to Mr Ong, the uniforms are inspired by the traditional costumes and textiles of the multi-ethnic peoples of Sarawak such as the Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Orang Ulu, Malay and Chinese.

“The unique Iban pua kumbu ikat textile and the Orang Ulu kalong design prints are incorporated with solid textiles of black, beige, blue, red, peach and orange. The styling is individually selected by each female staff to be either a long or shorter skirt. Double decorative trimmings are added to the tops and skirts inspired by the Bidayuh and Melanau costumes. All men’s shirts are with Malay or Chinese collars and are long sleeved for a formal look,” he said.

OCBC Bank’s presence in Land of the Hornbill dates back over seventy years to 1948.

Ms Nancy Anak Luney, a member of the OCBC Kuching branch since 2006, said she was “thrilled to bits” with the idea of wearing the ethnic costume to work.

"I now look forward in excitement to Wednesdays when I can wear our new cultural costume that comes replete with the intricate designs that Sarawak is known for. Ever since the day the designer came in to take our measurements, I have remained absolutely thrilled," said the Premier Centre Executive.

Ms Anne Leh, OCBC Bank’s Managing Director and Head of Consumer Financial Services, said the Bank is proud of its over seven-decade long association with Sarawak and understandably thrilled about the latest culturally-based move to embrace and showcase the cherished diversity.

“While we have evolved progressively over the many years in Kuching to become what we are today there, this has never taken anything away from what lies at the heart of the local community. This means we are always looking to blend the local culture with the call to move with the times, sustainably. With our heightened focus on digital banking, our Kuching branch will continue to roll out our digital offerings sustainably to customers with a keen eye to preserving what we have always cherished,” she said.

Ms Jessie Lim Pei Lian, OCBC Kuching Branch Senior Manager, said the Bank strives to be more involved in its immediate localities by engaging with the community.

“As proud Sarawakians who also proudly wear the OCBC badge, we are looking forward – through both our Cultural Wednesdays and innovative banking offering – to creatively and responsibly blend the worlds of banking innovation and local culture,” she said.


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