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OCBC Bank to distribute country's only unit trust fund with a yearly allocation review option

OCBC Bank to distribute country's only unit trust fund with a yearly allocation review option

  • 28 Jan 2019

OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (OCBC Bank) is exclusively distributing the country’s only unit trust fund with a “look back” mechanism that enables investors to optimise their portfolio allocation.


(L-R): OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad Head of Consumer Financial Services Mr Lim Wyson and TA Investment Management Berhad Chief Executive Officer Mr Wong Mien marking the launch of the TA Rainbow Income Fund.

The TA Rainbow Income Fund by TA Investment Management Berhad (TAIM) is a unique 3-year unit trust fund that pays potential returns yearly and allows the investment to automatically decide the percentage allocation of each underlying allocation based on the actual performance of the individual investment in the previous year. The best-performing investment is then allocated the highest weightage and the least the lowest.

The product is 100% capital preserved, ensuring the investor gets back at least what he or she has put in at maturity.

According to OCBC Bank’s Head of Consumer Financial Services Mr Lim Wyson the introduction of the product is timely in light of the growing quest to preserve investments while attempting to grow them.

“We have seen growing investor concerns about the effects of market volatility on their investments. So, it has naturally become more pressing now than ever before to seek out alternative options to enable our customers to continue riding on the growth opportunities out there whilst ensuring optimal portfolio allocation and investment capital preservation.

“We believe that the hybrid nature of the product will be well received by our customers. With an investment outlay of RM1,000 upwards they can access the benefits of the product,” he said.

Speaking for TAIM, its Chief Executive Officer Mr Wong Mien said the only-one-of-its-kind fund is being rolled out in an exclusive partnership with OCBC Bank.

“In order to generate potential good returns for the Fund, we have, together, selected a diversified portfolio of three award-winning underlying funds with either an absolute return or mixed assets strategy in view of the current uncertain and volatile market. The unique strategy of a dynamic performance-based allocation strategy with a ‘look back’ mechanism will further enhance the portfolio’s potential annual returns.

“We are confident the TA Rainbow Income Fund, with our stringent selection approach to the underlying assets, unique mechanism and capital preservation feature will provide investors with potential good annual returns,” he said.

For further information on the product, interested customers may call the OCBC Hotline at 03-8317 5000 or walk in to any OCBC Bank branch to enquire.


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