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OCBC Bank introduces "Simply Spot On" brand promise for customers in Malaysia

OCBC Bank introduces "Simply Spot On" brand promise for customers in Malaysia

  • 13 May 2019

Following its rollout in Singapore late last year, OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (OCBC Bank) has followed suit to launch the Simply Spot On Brand Promise campaign in Malaysia as well.

The Brand Promise is not a marketing campaign but the Bank’s pledge to customers that it will make the effort to listen to them, truly understand them, and come up with the most appropriate solutions to meet their financial needs.

According to OCBC Bank CEO Dato’ Ong Eng Bin the Brand Promise has been the focal point of OCBC Bank long before the launch of the tagline.

“The pledge to be Simply Spot On cuts across everything the Bank does – our products and processes; channels and capabilities; client service and interaction; and in our suite of digital offerings which aim to give customers the fastest, most convenient and seamless experience digitally.

“The Brand Promise tagline itself is easy to remember, but not easy to live up to. It is simple and clear in what we are promising our customers, but it also means that we have set ourselves a very high bar to meet. And that is why everyone at OCBC Bank is committed to living the Brand Promise every day so that we can deliver the Simply Spot On experience to our customers consistently,” he said.

With customers today wanting their bank to be reliable, knowledgeable and serve them beyond that one transaction, OCBC Bank came up with the tagline Simply Spot On to address in one concise phrase how it aims to be that bank for customers. The tagline was launched in Singapore in October last year and is now being rolled out in OCBC Group’s various markets.

The tagline was tested and refined with more than 2,400 respondents over many research sessions including an Implicit Association Test methodology that captures spontaneous emotional responses. Most found the line simple to understand, inspiring and memorable.

“The tagline simply defines what the Bank stands for and how we strive to continue to be relevant to our customers. We hope to continue to serve our customers and to be Simply Spot On in all our endeavours,” Dato’ Ong added.

OCBC Bank has endeavoured to be Simply Spot On in its digital offerings by being in the forefront of several pioneering local and regional launches that are useful and meaningful to its customers. In recent years, the bank has launched innovative features for both retail and business customers: making it easier for users to log in to their mobile banking apps using facial identification or fingerprint recognition on the Apple iPhone X; and being a first-mover in the industry by launching its FinTech and Innovation unit, The Open Vault to deepen its digitalisation efforts significantly.


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