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Efficient cash management, trade finance services and financing solutions for large corporates

Cash management

As your experienced cash management partner, we recognise the importance of maximising liquidity for businesses out of their cash conversion cycle.

Whether it is delivering working capital efficiency through effective receivables management solutions or payables process engineering, we have the right solutions tailored for you.


Other services:

Trade finance

We offer tailored trade finance solutions according to your industry and business needs. With a team of dedicated and experienced specialists, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.


Other services:


We provide a comprehensive range of loans to finance your daily operational needs and support your global investment and expansion plans. These include working capital financing, project financing, commercial property financing, asset-based financing, and short to medium term credit facilities like bridging loans, overdrafts and trade financing.

Our loans are typically made in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), although we also extend loans in foreign currencies, primarily the US Dollar. Typically, MYR-denominated loans are extended at a spread over BLR / COF. The spread charged depends on the credit quality of the credit takers, as well as the type and maturity of the loan. Our loans are extended based on credit risk framework that enables us to apply objective credit decisions based on the credit takers’ cash flows.

In respect of large corporates, our focus is on global account management and we provide customised solutions including working capital financing, specialised financing, and structured and project financing, to support their operations and ventures across geographies through our international network.


Term loans

Plan the capital needs of your business in advance with OCBC Term Loans. Finance major investments such as buildings, machinery or large purchases and repay over a fixed period in regular instalments.


Revolving credit facility

Take advantage of this loan to expand your business needs. This revolving facility provides you with advances of specific time periods of 1 year or less where amounts repaid may be reborrowed.

Treasury advisory services

OCBC offers one-stop access to a wide spectrum of treasury solutions and can help you manage your treasury requirements.

In addition, we also provide timely research and market news to keep you abreast of all economic and political events which may impact your treasury management decisions.


Foreign exchange and foreign exchange currency derivatives

We offer round-the-clock service to help you manage your foreign exchange requirements according to your business and risk profiles.

  • Market and currency trend analysis
  • Fast, efficient and competitive pricing for all your vanilla spot and forward foreign exchange transactions for all G7 and Asian currencies
  • Competitive pricing for non-deliverable forwards and options help you hedge your requirements in controlled currencies
  • Solutions with embedded currency derivatives to improve your foreign exchange hedging rates


Interest rate swaps and derivatives

To help you with your interest rate management, we have a broad range of instruments ranging from vanilla interest rate swaps, cross currency swaps and other derivatives including interest rate caps, floors, collars and swaptions.

We structure solutions that are unique to your business and risk profile to address all your interest rate concerns.


Commodities hedging

To hedge the upside or downside of commodities prices, we offer cash-settled commodity trades to help you hedge your exposure in most of the commodities. Our commodity product offerings include energy, precious and base metals, as well as soft commodities.


Equity derivatives

To hedge the upside or downside of your equity portfolio, we offer either physical stock units settlement or cash-settled equity derivative trades to help you manage your exposure in either a single stock or stock index.


Research and market news

Regular and timely cutting-edge analytical research and market updates are available to keep you informed of the economic and world events as well as foreign exchange and interest rate trends.

Investment portfolio management

OCBC has a comprehensive suite of products to suit your investment goals and risk profile, while helping you grow your investment portfolio, enhance your returns and diversify your risks.


Bonds / fixed income

Fixed income products are instruments with periodic payouts until maturity. These include:

  • Government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Preference shares
  • Credit-linked notes which pay fixed or floating interest on a regular basis


Structured investments

Structured investments allow you to earn potentially higher returns compared to fixed deposits.

The structured investments are typically linked to underlying financial instruments (e.g. foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity, equity or bond) and, depending on its performance, the principal investment can be returned to you in another asset class (e.g. equity).

With no upfront fees or annual management fees to worry about, this offers an attractive investment opportunity for customers with medium to high risk appetite looking for enhanced yield.


Dual Currency Investments

This structured investment is linked to a pre-agreed currency pair.

Depending on the currency movement, the principal and guaranteed enhanced yield can be returned in either the original investment currency or the alternate currency, at the pre-agreed strike price at maturity.

The latter occurs when the alternate currency weakens against the investment currency beyond the pre-agreed strike price.


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