Unit Trusts

Ways to invest

Lump sum investment

Make a one-time investment on a fund and take immediate advantage of the underlying market.

OCBC Stabiliser Programme

A systematic investment programme that spreads out your one-time unit trust investment amount over a 6-month or 12-month period.

  • Cash Bonus

    Guaranteed 3% cash bonus at the end of your investment term
  • Flexibility

    You get to select the fund of your choice
  • Consistent Investing

    Invest regularly through market fluctuations and take advantage of dollar cost averaging

OCBC Stabiliser Programme Savings Balance is a deposit and insured by PIDM.

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Monthly investments

Make regular investments from as low as RM100* a month and even out market risks in the long run.

*Varies with different funds

  • Affordability

    Low initial investment of RM2,000
  • Flexibility

    Stop an investment plan without penalty charges
  • Disciplined

    Money is set aside for investment regularly
  • Control

    Decide how much you want to invest each month
  • Convenience

    Monthly investment sum will be deducted automatically

How to apply

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