Payments & Transactions


Transaction Fees

Channel Transaction Fee

Internet & Mobile Banking

No Charge

Maximum Transfer Amount Per Day

Channel Amount

Internet & Mobile Banking

RM50,000 per day (shared limit with transfer to other banks and within OCBC 3rd party accounts)

Payment Channels

To perform any DuitNow transaction, you may choose any of the channels below:

  • Internet Banking (24 hours)
  • Mobile Banking (24 hours)

DuitNow transactions are transferred immediately to the beneficiary accounts.

Note: For transaction performed after 9.45pm, it will be reflected on your statement as the next day transaction date.

Payment Types

Payment Types Description

DuitNow Transfer

Fund transfer to account numbers such as:

  • Current/Saving accounts
  • Credit card accounts
  • Loan accounts

And fund transfer to DuitNow IDs such as:

  • Mobile numbers
  • NRIC numbers
  • Army/Police numbers
  • Passport numbers
  • Business registration numbers

DuitNow QR

Scan DuitNow QR code to:

  • Transfer funds to individuals
  • Make payment to merchants

Generate DuitNow QR code to:

  • Receive funds

DuitNow Request

Request fund from someone using:

  • account numbers; or
  • DuitNow IDs such as mobile numbers, NRIC numbers, army/police numbers and passport numbers

When receive fund request, you may choose to:

  • make payment; or
  • forward request to someone else; or
  • decline request
  • Note: DuitNow Request expires if there was no response after 7 calendar days


  • You may refer here for list of participants' account structure.