Online Banking

Phone Banking

Apply for Phone Banking

At a branch:


  1. You will be given a phone code (either 12 or 7 digits) and a telephone PIN mailer.


You can then start to access phone banking by calling 03-8317 5000

Change telephone PIN

You may change your Telephone PIN after calling 03-8317 5000 with your Phone Banking Telephone PIN and Phone code.

1. After language selection, Press 1 for Banking and Credit Card services
2. Press 2 for Banking Services
3. Press 6 to change Telephone PIN
4. Enter phone code followed by Telephone PIN
5. Key in new 6-digit PIN

Forgot telephone PIN

You can request for a new telephone PIN at a branch.

Services available

Quick access to:

Banking accounts

  • Balance enquiry (Savings, Current)
  • Funds transfer and bill payment (fund transfer into own account / loan / financing payment / credit card, iQ card or power credit payment / bills payment / MEPS IBG)
  • Cheque services (cheque status enquiry / stop cheque / cheque book request)
  • Statement request
  • Telephone PIN change

Credit card, iQ card or Power Credit

  • Current balances, statement balances and recent account activities
  • Credit Card, iQ card or Power credit statement request
  • Credit card or iQ card activation
  • Card application status
  • Telephone PIN creation (credit card)


  • Foreign exchange rate
  • Foreign currency deposit rate
  • OCBC base lending rate
  • Ringgit Malaysia deposit rate
  • OCBC Al-Amin profit rate

iQ members' services (self-service menu / speak to iQ service executive)

  • Report loss of card
  • Direct queries to iQ service executives
  • Local and overseas transactions