We are a major sponsor of cycling in Singapore and Malaysia since 2009 and 2011 respectively. We chose to sponsor cycling because this is a sport that anyone can take up. Cycling encourages friendship, kinship and a healthy lifestyle. The inclusive nature of the activity and its ability to bring people closer together are consistent with one of our core values – teamwork.

Sponsoring the sport is also part of our efforts to give back to the community. Our support for the sport spans across all levels from recreational cyclists to the professionals.


OCBC Cycle Singapore and OCBC Cycle Malaysia

These mass cycling events give thousands of people the opportunity to cycle for long stretches on closed roads. OCBC Cycle Singapore was first launched in March 2009. It is the largest mass cycling event in Singapore which has seen almost 11,000 people take part.

Endorsed by the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) and supported by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), the highlight of the event is the professional night criterium where renowned cyclists such as three-time Tour de France green jersey winner, Robbie McEwen, and Commonwealth gold medallist, Cameron Meyer, have raced in.

Following the success of OCBC Cycle Singapore, we launched OCBC Cycle Malaysia in 2011 which is endorsed by the Malaysian National Cycling Federation. The event is an extension of our objective of engaging the Malaysian community and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.


Promoting Safe Cycling

In partnership with the organiser of OCBC Cycle Singapore, Spectrum Worldwide, we launched the OCBC Cycle Singapore Safe Cycling Campaign, to promote safe cycling.

With a growing number of cyclists on the roads due to a heightened interest in cycling both as a sport and a mode of commute, the OCBC Cycle Singapore Safe Cycling Campaign aims to raise awareness of the need for both cyclists and motorists to respect each other and share the roads.

Since its inception in 2010, the annual month-long campaign encourages cyclists and motorists to observe a safety distance of 1.5 metres and comply with traffic rules so as to enable both parties to enjoy a safe journey on our roads.


OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling Team

In line with our sponsorship of OCBC Cycle Singapore, we partner the Singapore Sports Council and the Singapore Cycling Federation to train and develop a pool of talented cyclists who will go on to represent Singapore at major events.

The team is sponsored by OCBC Bank and trained by the SSC and SCF. This partnership is the first structured talent identification and development programme involving a corporate organisation, the SSC and the SCF.

The OCBC-sponsored team is the first team in Singapore to receive the Continental Team licence from the Union Cycliste International (UCI), the international governing body for cycling. The Continental Team licence allows the team to participate in any UCI-sanctioned race across Asia.

We hope that with our sponsorship of these aspiring road cyclists, coupled with the SSC’s and SCF’s structured talent identification and development programme, we will very soon see the Singapore flag flying high in international elite cycling competitions.