The Money Factory
By Kelseyz Troublexy
At what age did you realise your love for art and what inspired/sparked your interest?
I studied in College of Arts when I was 20. We had a one-month holiday break. I randomly opened an illustration book and was immediately attracted to a black and white line illustration. I was deeply mesmerized and intrigued by those complex lines. And that spark inspired me to start drawing black and white line illustrations.

I started my first piece of black and white lines without any further understanding of what the illustration was. Upon finishing the first art piece, the ideas for the 2nd and 3rd and more were popping instantly in my mind that drove my enthusiasm even further and pushed me relentlessly to illustrate the picture in my mind.

After completing my piece, I would pasted it in the art forum. Receiving some good compliments from some of the seniors and veterans in arts has encouraged me to study and review the inner sight of my style of illustration.

When did you realise that art is what you wanted to do in your adult life?
When I began noticing that I have more ideas and plans that I wanted to try and complete, I also started to think that perhaps illustration was the direction and goal that I wanted to pursue.

I think this is my ambition, although I feel tired sometimes having to draw relentlessly, but I still feel happy when I complete a piece, and get the recognition and evaluation by others, it makes me think all my hard work is worth and it gives me a stronger drive.

What did your family say to this? (our questions is becos local conventional families usually feel more secure when their children embark on more familiar path eg. further studies or career in business, finance, engineering, doctor etc)
I grew up in a simple family, but I really feel glad that my family gave a lot of support and encouragement to me in my journey to explore illustration.

Although they do worry about my unstable income which might affect my future somehow. But after working six years in this field, the results are merry and my success is the great return and gift to my family’s understanding and tolerance.

Without their tolerance and support, I may not have the continuous enthusiasm and impetus for my development in illustrator work.

Did you work on your art as a hobby or on part time basis, when you had studies or worked full time?
I am a web designer, illustration is my second job, I think most of the nascent illustrators have their own profession in the daytime, and doing the creation of illustration at night.

While I am not working together with any vendors, I will spend my time focusing on research to enhance my illustration skills, studying ways to develop the direction and style, and sending my pieces to magazines and having my illustrations at exhibitions consistently.

When did art become a full time career for you and how did this happen (your success story per se)?
After a while, working in the daytime and doing my own creation at night made me feel tired and delayed some planning and development that I had in mind. Therefore I decided to resign my daytime job as a web designer.

I will expand my efforts on partnerships and development of illustration in the next six months, I will have my illustration exhibition in Taiwan and also plan to study mural painting three months over there. So in future, I will put more effort in developing murals and travel illustration.

Through the partnership with OCBC mural creation, it excited me and ignited my interest and curiosity in murals. I am very happy with this partnership opportunity, it is another way to let Malaysians understand the idea of savings and spending through the interesting murals.