Digital Form for OCBC Fixed Deposit/-i Placement

If you have an existing OCBC Fixed Deposit/-i account and would like to make a placement during this Movement Control Order period, please complete and attach your signature on this form. Please note that all fields are mandatory. Please stay safe, stay at home.
Personal Details
What would you like to perform today?
Fixed Deposit/-i Accountholder's Name (as per ID)
Please ensure that your above particulars are correct. If any of the above details do not match our records, we will not be able to process your request.
Account Details
Fixed Deposit/-i Account No.
Funding from your OCBC Account No.
Tenure & Rate
Placement Amount (MYR)
Note: The placement date of the Fixed Deposit/-i will be the new effective date. The minimum placement is RM1,000.
Maturity Instruction
Note: For Fixed Deposit-i, Principal = Customer's Purchase Price; Principal & Profit = Bank's Purchase Price
Attachment of your Signature
Note: Please sign on a piece of white paper with pen. Then, take a picture of your signature and upload it here as JPEG/PNG.
Points to Note :
  • Please note that this Digital Form is only applicable for accounts that require one signature and for Allowable First Party Transfers. Click here to read the definition of Allowable First Party Transfers via this Digital Form.
  • Please ensure that all the particulars above are correct.
  • If your identification, mobile number or signature varies from our record, we will not be able to process your application.
  • If your account number differs from our record, we will contact you via your registered mobile number with us for confirmation. If you remain uncontactable after three attempts, this application will be void.
  • We will process your Fixed Deposit/-i placement within the same day if your application is submitted before 12pm on a working day. Any submission after 12pm will be processed the next working day.
  • We will notify you via SMS once your application is successful.
  • Once you receive our SMS, you can view the details of your Fixed Deposit/-i placement via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or statement.
  I hereby declare and confirm that I am transacting for myself and not on behalf of any other person. The information I have provided herein is true, accurate and complete. I have read, understand and agree to the Declaration and Agreement and the Terms and Conditions for the OCBC Fixed Deposit/-i Promotion via Digital Form. I represent and warrant that I and (where applicable) all my joint accountholder(s) understand and agree with this mode of performing the Allowable First Party Transfers (defined above) via Digital Form.

I am and (where applicable) all my joint accountholder(s) are aware of my/our duties and obligations:
  • not to disclose to any person, my/our personal and account information other than the Digital Form which is accessible via the Bank’s official website;
  • to take reasonable steps to keep my/our personal and account information secure at all times;
  • to immediately notify the Bank as soon as I/we become aware of or have any reason to believe that my/our personal and account information have been misused or compromised.

I and (where applicable) all my joint accountholder(s) shall be jointly liable for any loss or damage arising from any instruction relating to transactions being performed through the Digital Form, unless I have fulfilled all the following conditions:
  • I and (where applicable) all my joint accountholder(s) have fully complied with the duties and obligations set out in previous clause; and
  • I and (where applicable) all my joint accountholder(s) have not acted fraudulently.

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