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As a Premier Banking member, you will not be limited to your assigned Relationship Manager. Backed by a dedicated Premier One Team, you can get access to a committed team of specialists, who will provide you with a comprehensive range of wealth management services and privileges to help you stay ahead.

Relationship Manager

Your Relationship Manager is always at your service for all your financial needs and to help you protect and grow your wealth.

Relationship Officer

Supporting your Relationship Manager is your Relationship Officer, who ensures that your transactions and queries are processed with priority.

Wealth Specialist

Should you require specialist advice, simply ask your Relationship Manager for an in-depth discussion with a Wealth Specialist.

Premier Loan Specialist

Your Premier Loan Specialist works closely with your Relationship Manager to guide you through your financing options, so you can better manage your liquidity, leveraging on assets that you have.

Premier Centre Manager & Consumer Branch Manager

You can also have access to our dedicated senior team members, Premier Centre Manager and Consumer Branch Manager, giving you the best of expertise.


You can become a Premier Banking customer with deposits and/or investments of


or more with us.

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