15 Tips to Protect Yourself against Credit / Debit Card Fraud  

Credit / debit card fraud is a serious crime. Below are some valuable tips to minimise the risk of being a victim of credit / debit card fraud.

  1. Sign on your credit / debit card immediately upon receiving it.
  2. Keep your credit / debit card in the same place in your wallet or purse so that you will notice it immediately if it is missing.
  3. Never lend your credit / debit card to anyone.
  4. Do not provide your credit / debit card details to an unknown party.
  5. Never respond to emails, websites or phone inquiries that request you provide your credit / debit card information and/or account details.
  6. Keep the telephone number of your credit / debit card issuer so that you can immediately report lost or stolen cards, unauthorised transactions or disclosure of PIN to a third party.
  7. Notify credit / debit card companies in advance of a change in address.
  8. Shred credit / debit card applications and anything with your credit / debit card number on it.
  9. Keep all your charge slips and check it against your credit / debit card statement as soon as you receive it.
  10. Notify your credit / debit card issuer immediately of any error or possible unauthorised transactions and follow up in writing as soon as possible.
  11. Keep a watchful eye on your card during transactions and have it returned quickly.
  12. Open your bills promptly and reconcile them monthly.
  13. Report any questionable charges over the phone and in writing to the card company.
  14. Never provide your credit / debit card information on a website that is not a secure https: site.
  15. Don't sign a blank receipt. When you sign a receipt, draw a line through any blank spaces above the total.