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Terms & Conditions (Call-For-Cash – 5.99%p.a.)

  1. Call-For-Cash ("CFC") is offered by OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad ("OCBC Bank") to its selected eligible customers who hold one or more currently valid credit cards issued by OCBC Bank as the principal cardmember, and whose credit card accounts are well conducted within OCBC Bank's sole and absolute discretion at the time of the application for CFC ("Cardmember"), subject to the terms and conditions herein.
  2. CFC is a combined facility that allows a Cardmember to obtain cash advances from the Cardmember’s available line of credit under the Cardmember’s OCBC credit card(s) and repay the cash advance by way of fixed monthly instalments. The Cardmember’s line of credit must be sufficient to cover both the CFC Amount (defined below) and CFC Interest (defined below) for the entire CFC Tenure (defined below). The minimum amount of cash advance to be applied for under CFC is RM1,000.
  3. At a Cardmember’s application for CFC, OCBC Bank may at its sole discretion and without having to furnish any reason therefor:
    1. approve the application at the amount applied for by the Cardmember or at a lower amount (subject always to the minimum of RM1,000) (the amount of cash advance approved by OCBC Bank shall be called “CFC Amount”); or
    2. reject the application.
    If OCBC Bank approves a Cardmember’s application, upon approval the corresponding amount of the Cardmember’s line of credit will be reserved for the CFC and the Cardmember’s credit limit reduced to the extent of the CFC Amount. OCBC Bank shall not be liable for any transactions rejected by merchants due to insufficient credit limit arising therefrom.
  4. After approval of a Cardmember’s application, the CFC Amount shall be deposited into any one of the Cardmember’s bank accounts maintained with any bank in Malaysia (“receiving bank”) as specified by the Cardmember, within fourteen (14) days from the date of approval of the Cardmember’s application. The CFC Amount can only be transferred to and deposited in an individual savings/current account under the Cardmember’s name. Transfer cannot be made to a third party account. All charges commission fees or other payment of a similar nature (if any) imposed by the receiving bank in respect of the deposit of the CFC Amount into the Cardmember’s bank account with the receiving bank or clearing banker’s cheque(s) issued by OCBC Bank, shall be borne by the Cardmember. OCBC Bank shall not be made to bear any losses or damages suffered as a consequence of any error, delay, neglect or omission by the receiving bank in processing the cheque(s) or the crediting of the CFC Amount into the Cardmember’s bank account.
  5. The Cardmember shall pay:
    1. a non-refundable cash advance fee of 1% of the CFC Amount which is charged for each CFC application and debited from the Cardmember’s credit card account upon approval of the CFC application. The cash advance fee may be varied or revised by OCBC Bank from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion by giving prior notice; and
    2. interest on the CFC Amount (“CFC Interest”) for the duration of the CFC Tenure (defined below). Currently the CFC Interest is set at the flat rate of 5.99%p.a. but this rate may be varied or revised by OCBC Bank from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion by giving prior notice. The CFC Interest will be charged on the CFC Amount and will be computed based on the Rule of 78 method. The effective interest rate ranges from 10.88%p.a. to 11.11%p.a.
  6. At the time of applying for CFC, the Cardmember shall elect 1 of the 3 tenures under the CFC facility :
    1. 1 year/12 months; or
    2. 2 years/24 months; or
    3. 3 years/36 months,
    (each a “tenure” and the tenure actually elected by the Cardmember shall be called “CFC Tenure”) for repayment of the CFC Amount and CFC Interest.
  7. The amount of monthly instalment (“CFC Monthly Instalment”) repayable by the Cardmember for the duration of the CFC Tenure is computed based on the following formula :
    [CFC Amount X 5.99% X CFC Tenure*] + CFC Amount
    Number of monthly instalments**
    * For purposes of this formula, the CFC Tenure is taken at the number of years instead of months.
    ** The number of monthly instalments is referenced to the CFC Tenure i.e. 1 year tenure at 12 monthly instalments, 2 years tenure at 24 monthly instalments and 3 years tenure at 36 monthly instalments.
  8. Once the Cardmember’s application for CFC is approved by OCBC Bank, the Cardmember is not at liberty to change the CFC Tenure and/or the CFC Monthly Instalment.
  9. The Cardmember shall punctually pay each CFC Monthly Instalment by the payment due date stated in the Cardmember’s credit card statement, and the first CFC Monthly Instalments will be notified to the cardmember via the credit card statement.
  10. If a Cardmember intends to early settle the outstanding CFC Monthly Instalments, the Cardmember must give prior written notice to OCBC Bank, so that OCBC Bank may calculate the early settlement amount. The Cardmember shall continue to pay the CFC Monthly Instalments until the Cardmember is billed the early settlement amount.
  11. The CFC interest is only calculated until the early settlement month. For example, if Cardmember applies for 3 years tenure but wants to early settle the outstanding CFC amount after 10 months, the Cardmember will pay balance of CFC Amount unbilled and any outstanding CFC Amount billed.
  12. Upon occurrence of any of the following events :
    1. the Cardmember defaults in making payment of the Minimum Payment stated in the credit card statement for any three (3) or more consecutive months; or
    2. the Cardmember’s credit card account(s) with OCBC Bank is cancelled, terminated or closed for whatever reason, the entire outstanding CFC Monthly Instalments (i.e. all CFC Monthly Instalments which are unpaid, including CFC Monthly Instalments for the remainder of the CFC Tenure, referred to as “Indebtedness”) shall immediately become due and payable by the Cardmember, whereupon the OCBC Cardmember’s Agreement shall apply to the Indebtedness, including the imposition of the finance and late payment charges. This shall be in addition and without prejudice to OCBC Bank’s rights under the OCBC Cardmember’s Agreement in relation to all monies charged and all liabilities incurred by the Cardmember through the use of his/her OCBC credit card(s) upon occurrence of any of the above events.
  13. The Cardmember declares, represents and warrants that all information provided by the Cardmember in the application for CFC is true and complete, and the Cardmember undertakes to immediately notify OCBC Bank if there are changes to the Cardmember’s information.
  14. CFC shall not be eligible for OCBC Rebate Programme.
  15. In addition to and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, in the event it becomes more expensive for OCBC Bank to maintain the CFC by reason of :
    1. any change in law or regulations which give rise to new or additional taxes, higher reserve requirement or similar acts; or
    2. a significant change in the monetary situation or economic environment,
    the Cardmember agrees to bear such additional cost for maintaining the CFC as OCBC Bank determines to be necessary to compensate it, arising directly or indirectly from any of the foregoing circumstances. OCBC Bank’s decision on any of the matters referred to in this Clause shall be conclusive and binding on the Cardmember.
  16. OCBC Bank reserves the right at any time and with notice to the Cardmember, to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or any of these terms and conditions (including the CFC Interest rate, the manner and time of payment and modes of computation referred to herein) or to replace wholly or in part the CFC with another scheme by whatever name called, whether similar or not, or to withdraw or terminate the CFC altogether. OCBC Bank may notify the Cardmembers of any such addition, alteration, modification, change or variation to these terms and conditions by publishing a notice in the billing statements or at OCBC Bank’s website at, or in any newspaper or by such other means of communication as OCBC Bank may determine in its absolute discretion.
  17. OCBC Bank will not be responsible for and disclaims all liability to any actions, claims, damages, costs, charges and expenses which the Cardmember may suffer, sustain or incur by reason of his/her participation in the CFC.
  18. All matters of disputes are subject to the final decision of OCBC Bank, whose decision shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Cardmember.
  19. The OCBC Cardmember’s Agreement shall continue to apply to the Cardmember’s use of the OCBC Credit Cards. In the event of inconsistency between these Terms & Conditions and the OCBC Cardmember’s Agreement, these Terms & Conditions shall prevail in so far as they apply to the CFC.
  20. These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.