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OCBC Bank donates RM145,000 to prepare people with learning disabilities for work life

OCBC Bank donates RM145,000 to prepare people with learning disabilities for work life

  • 27 Dec 2022
Staff across six divisions and branches of OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad (OCBC Bank) recently collaborated to contribute RM145,000 to non-profit organisation Malaysian CARE for its efforts to prepare people with learning disabilities for work life.
Malaysia CARE aims to serve the poor and needy, empower communities and bring long-term sustainable development to the community.
The donation will aid in their goal to systematically help 40 people with learning disabilities over a 12-month period to prepare for the marketplace and become more independent. The Employment Transition Programme (ETP) sponsored by the Bank will enable Malaysian CARE to focus on capacity building, and to develop training materials, assessment tools and monitoring and evaluation systems.
According to Malaysian CARE’s Ms Pauline Wong, Senior Director of Community Development, along with this project, the organisation is now able to reinstate and reopen many of their long-term development projects at grassroots level in the communities they serve after the challenges of the two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic.
“The donation from OCBC Bank has come at the opportune time given our significant funding shortfall to cover operating expenses. While Malaysian CARE has been dedicated to reaching out to needy communities for the past 43 years, the reality is that Covid-19 hindered our mission significantly. So, we are now excited to get back to doing what we do best and hope to enrich and serve the community better.
“The Employment Transition Programme fills an identified gap. In open employment, we have seen the government and the private sector take steps towards being more inclusive. However, the young adults with special needs with the opportunities tend to be on the higher functioning spectrum. The ones on the lower end do not have sufficient opportunities due to the lack of comprehensive training and awareness on the part of the employer, among others," she said.
Staff from OCBC Bank’s KL Main branch sharing the news that the Bank is contributing RM145,000 to Malaysian CARE for its Employment Transition Programme (ETP), which prepares people with learning disabilities for work life

Led by its CEO Dato' Ong Eng Bin, who personally contributed RM20,000 to the cause, OCBC Bank’s contribution is an effort to engage with the communities it is involved in by venturing beyond its superior banking products and services by meeting the social needs of the people as well.
"Throughout our 90-year history, OCBC Bank has strived to enable individuals, SMEs and businesses to build a more sustainable future. With the right support, people with learning disabilities are more than capable of leading fulfilling, independent lives. Malaysian CARE's Employment Transition Programme serves as a shining example of inclusiveness, where everyone is given a chance to become independent through gainful employment. I hope our contribution today will greatly benefit those who need the support," Dato’ Ong said.


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