Have you always wanted to work in banking but felt you lacked the relevant skills or experience?

OCBC believes in helping you with your mid-career transition. Our Management Associate Programme provides a fast-track route for Master’s degree holders to realise your dreams.

Mid-career postgraduates aspiring for a career in banking can look right here. Whether you are looking to fast track your career in a dynamic world-class organisation or are thinking of making a dramatic career switch to the challenging world of banking, OCBC Management Associate Programme (MAP) is the answer.    

What’s in it for you?

Fundamental understanding of how the bank works

OCBC MAP is a structured training programme that spans 18 months.  

In the first 8 weeks of orientation, you will learn about the businesses in OCBC Group, our purpose and values. You will be equipped with banking, compliance knowledge and soft skills training through our wide array of exciting learning channels.  

The added opportunity to interact with nurturing mentors and senior bankers at multiple networking sessions helps broaden your perspectives and deepen your understanding of banking.  

Hands-on experience

On-the-job learning starts immediately when you are placed in a real role under the supervision of your manager. The hands-on experience is complemented by specific rotations to related job units to better understand the different functions.  

Expect learning to be steep and you will need to be highly self-driven, proactive, resourceful and resilient.    

Your leadership skills will also be honed when you undergo a carefully designed MA Adventure offsite programme that takes you through a journey of self-discovery and peer-to-peer learning.  

Excellent mentorship

Learning through others can be one of the most significant ways of advancing in your journey. You will therefore be assigned a mentor who is also a senior manager in OCBC.  

You can fully leverage on their valuable knowledge, learn from their experience and perspectives to help you complete the programme successfully. This mentoring relationship is driven by you and it is up to you to make the most out of it.

Are you the one?

To qualify for the PGMAP, you should have:  

  • An MBA or Master’s degree from a reputable educational institution before you start work with the Bank
  • A minimum of 2-years of full-time working experience
  • A maximum of 6-years of full-time working experience
  • Qualities which include leadership potential, excellent numerical and communication skills with a strong learning aptitude and resilience to succeed in a dynamic environment.
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You will undergo a rigorous selection process: 

You must apply for up to two specific PGMAP career opportunities. 

For more information on PGMAP career opportunities available, please proceed to the next section to discover the diverse and dynamic contributions you can make to OCBC.

The OCBC PGMAP runs once per year. The next programme will start in Jan 2016. If you are interested in applying, the official application window opens from 06 July 2015 and closes on 19 Oct 2015.

Please review the detailed description of the Division(s) you are interested in applying for, especially any additional skills, knowledge & experience the Division is looking for in candidates.  Successful candidates will be hired as a Division-specific PGMA and are required to commit to the Division’s Development plan for the duration of the 18-months.


You must select your first and 2nd choice preferred division/entity in your application. Any application where the division/entity is not specified will not be processed.

Global Consumer Financial Services (GCFS)

Global Consumer Financial Services serves almost 3 million customers across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

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Global Corporate Bank (GCB)

Global Corporate Bank manages corporate relationships for companies ranging from small and medium enterprises to large corporations and institutional clients across diverse industries.

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Global Investment Banking (GIB)

At Global Investment Banking, we offer a comprehensive suite of financing solutions to help our customers achieve their strategic objectives.

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Global Treasury (GT)

We aim to be the centre of excellence for Asian financial products. Our market dominance is demonstrated by numerous accolades for product innovation and customer recognition. A can-do attitude and high performance culture has consistently ranked us as one of the best in the region.


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Group Audit (GA)

Group Audit provides an independent and objective assurance that OCBC’s business activities are functioning effectively and will enable the Group to accomplish its strategic objectives within the established risk appetite.

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Group Customer Experience (GCX)

Group Customer Experience Division comprises professionals in market research, experience design, information architecture and design thinking. It is also in the business of customer analytics and helping business divisions within the bank transform their service into one increasingly customer-centric.p>

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Group Finance (GF)

Group Finance division tracks and analyses the financial data generated from the business operations of the bank. Gaining an in-depth financial knowledge of the bank, Group Finance supports businesses in their decisions by providing performance analytics, thereby facilitating an efficient allocation of financial resources within the bank.

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Group Operations & Technology (GO&T)

We provide effective and efficient IT and operations solutions for transaction processing, automation and development of new technologies for our customers in order to support the Bank’s growth strategies.

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Group Quality & Service Excellence (GQSE)

Group Quality & Service Excellence Division comprises a team of internal consultants focused on delivering a superior and differentiated customer experience by continuing on the quality journey, delivering and implementing superior customer value propositions. Leveraging on the 6 SIGMA Methodology, the division is passionate about helping internal stakeholders across OCBC Bank Group identify and work on process improvements.

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Group Regulatory Compliance (GRC)

The Regulatory Compliance Division comprises a team of professionals dedicated to the business of helping managers within OCBC Bank Group manage regulatory risks, including Anti-Money Laundering programmes.

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Group Risk Management (GRM)

Group Risk Management oversees the management of credit, market and operational risks for the bank and its financial subsidiaries.

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OCBC Securities Private Limited (OSPL) and OCBC Investment Research (OIR)

OCBC Securities offers a full range of brokerage services for global listed securities, futures and leveraged foreign exchange. An early adopter of electronic platforms, the company offers superior solutions in direct market access and electronic desk execution.

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OCBC Securities (OSPL)

OCBC Securities is one of Singapore’s leading stock and futures broker firms. We trade, research and advise on equities and derivatives, which include OCBC Internet Trading, Equity Investment Account, Online Forex Trading, Futures and Options, to name a few.

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Group Human Resources (GHR)

Group Human Resources develop and implement people practices and programs that deliver the value proposition - “Helping employees succeed in their career with OCBC".

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Postgraduate Testimonials


Global Consumer Financial Services

I am glad that I took up the challenge and joined the OCBC MA Programme. The MAP gave me a unique and exciting opportunity to make a mid-career switch into the banking industry. Throughout the programme, I had the opportunity to learn from our top bankers and pick up the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry. The programme also provided the essential tools for me to accelerate in my banking career with one of the most innovative banks in the industry. I have no hesitation in recommending the programme to my peers as it truly provides a strong foundation of the banking industry for you to build upon. Strongly recommended for those who have the drive to excel!


Group Human Resources

OCBC invests time, resources and personnel into the MA programme - this is evident in the well-structured and in-depth training programme prior to our rotation as well as the continuous engagement throughout our 18-month rotation. High expectations are placed on the MA which presents us with numerous opportunities to learn and develop our full potential. Our managers and mentors take a keen personal interest in our development. I look forward to growing and contributing to the organisation!


Group Operations & Technology

The opportunitiy to be rotated around the Bank under the OCBC MA Program is priceless. Learning curve is very steep with the need to pick up new domain knowledge and contribute within a short time. Being stretched to my full potential is what makes the program challenging and extremely fulfilling. The Bank's dedication towards the MA Program is evident in the ways the division heads take personal interests in the developments of the MA. I felt like a valued employee and looking forward to developing a successful career in OCBC.