Requests for Employment Verification

Requests for employment verification

Beginning 1 July 2018 all Financial Institutions must screen prospective employees before hiring them. This is in keeping with Bank Negara Malaysia’s Employee Screening Policy which holds banks responsible for providing employment verification information.


The following is how the process works for OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad and OCBC Al-Amin Bank Berhad.

Submission for verification

A person (the requestor) submits a verification request through

Review by OCBC

OCBC’s HR team checks for completeness of the documents received.

Documents to be submitted are as follows:

    1. Consent form signed by the individual.
    2. Reference template, per below:
      1. If you are from a Financial Institution, please provide the BNM Reference Template by completing section A.
      2. If you are from a non-Financial Institution, please provide the basic information pertaining to the individual in question.

Confirmation of submission status (accepted/rejected)

HR completes the verification template and responds to the requestor within fifteen (15) working days.